Nissan reveals electric car drivers are travelling further than petrol and diesel motorists

    According to recent research by Nissan, they have discovered European electric vehicle (EV) drivers travel further than their internal combustion engine (ICE) counterparts. On average EV motorists are annually travelling 630 clean kilometres further than European ICE drivers.

    The study reveals zero-emissions EV drivers are covering on average more than 14,200km yearly, compared to their ICE driver counterparts, who are only averaging 13,600km. This new research foresees a bright future for sustainable mobility.

    Ahead of World Environment Day on 5 June, designed to encourage worldwide awareness and action to protect our environment, these findings present electric mobility and its environmental benefits as a key driver in helping to tackle ecological challenges.

    Arnaud Charpentier, Region Vice President, Product Strategy and Pricing, Nissan AMIEO, said:  “This research reiterates that electric driving is not only a smart option beneficial to the environment but also a fun, exciting and convenient choice for the owners.

    “It is no surprise that people now drive EV further than ICE cars. We are confident that with more EV on the road dispelling myths, range anxiety will soon be in the past.”

    The research also found that the majority (69%) of EV drivers are happy with the current charging infrastructure available. Likewise, almost a quarter (23%) say the most common myth surrounding EV driving is that the current charging infrastructure cannot cope, indicating high satisfaction in existing EV drivers, and a positive opportunity for future adopters.

    Ian Osborne
    Ian Osborne
    Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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