EV charging on the house

  • Drive smart, drive free: 8,000 miles of free home charging with every purchase of a Hive EV charger powered by British Gas electricity
  • British Gas amps it up with 12 months of free charging, helping customers embrace the savings, cut the bills and go green by charging at off-peak times with FreeCharge.

British Gas unleashes a year of complimentary EV charging for new Hive customers

Exciting news for UK EV charging provider, Hive, new customers – British Gas is making waves this week with a special offer of a year’s worth of free home charging, unlocking up to 8,000 miles of complimentary EV power through FreeCharge. The best part? No catch at all! All customers need to do is set their “Ready By” time and plug in.

Gav Murray, Director of Hive at British Gas, said: 

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“We are on a mission to do all we can to make greener home solutions more affordable and accessible. As more electric vehicles hit the road, we want to make sure the right products are available for those who are able to make the switch and encourage as many people to do so as possible.”

New customers can activate FreeCharge seamlessly within the Hive app, and watch as British Gas covers the cost. This cutting-edge charging technology utilises British Gas’ scheduling prowess, ensuring EVs are charged efficiently, usually overnight, when electricity demand is at its lowest.

This enticing offer comes at a time of exciting growth in the demand for EVs throughout the UK. A remarkable 78% of individuals are eager to make eco-friendly adjustments in their homes to combat climate change, with an impressive 35% ready to join the green revolution by installing a home charger for their electric vehicles. It’s a promising trend toward a more sustainable and environmentally conscious future.

Gav Murray, Director of Hive at British Gas, concluded: 

“Electric vehicle uptake is a key part of the UK’s drive to net zero. Our FreeCharge proposition not only supports this uptake but, by shifting charging to when demand on the grid is at its lowest, we’re accelerating the journey towards a greener future.”We hope the public consultation will reveal support from local people and stakeholders for the development, which will bring a disused site back into use while creating a much-needed facility and jobs.

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