EV charging in Wales just got easier as Clenergy EV joins the Octopus Electroverse

  • Clenergy EV and Octopus Electroverse team up for 4,000 charge points to enhance EV charging in Wales.
  • Integration includes brands like Dragon Charging, simplifying the charging experience.
  • The collaboration addresses range anxiety and supports the UK’s EV transition.

Clenergy EV joins the Octopus Electroverse for enhanced EV charging in Wales

Clenergy EV, a leading EV software and solutions provider, has partnered with Octopus Electroverse. This collaboration will boost EV accessibility and diminish range anxiety among drivers in Wales.

Octopus Electroverse users can now easily charge their EVs at any public charge point integrated with Clenergy EV software. This network includes up to 4,000 new public EV charge points. However, the partnership has a specific emphasis on Wales, where an additional 750 points will be strategically located. Notable brands like Dragon Charging, EV Dot, Nest, and era SuperCharge are part of this integration. As the nation accelerates its transition to EVs, accessible public charging infrastructure becomes crucial for EV drivers navigating through the country.

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Will David, CEO at Clenergy EV commented: 

“The EV industry is at a pivotal moment in the rollout of an effective public charging network – it will only be truly successful if it offers EV drivers a positive charging experience. We firmly believe that collaboration is the key, and our partnership with Octopus Electroverse is another step forward in our journey to ensure that EV charge points are accessible and hassle-free for all.” 

Octopus Electroverse, introduced in 2020, simplifies the EV charging experience by providing access to nearly 600 charge points. This eliminates the inconvenience of managing multiple apps.

Benefits extend beyond EV drivers, offering an opportunity for Chargepoint operators (CPOs). Those opting for e-Roaming by aligning with Clenergy EV can broaden the reach of their EV networks.

Matt Davies, Director at Octopus Electroverse, said: 

“Through this latest deal with Clenergy EV, drivers can access even more charge points with just one tap of their Octopus Electroverse card. We’re on a mission to make charging on-the-go as simple as possible for drivers – and it’s brilliant to be partnering with Clenergy EV to expand our charge point coverage across Wales.”

The collaboration between Clenergy EV and Octopus Electroverse marks a noteworthy development in fortifying an equitable public charging network. The EV charging network must cater to the evolving needs of the expanding community of EV drivers in the UK. As EV registrations bolster market strength, infrastructure needs to grow to match.

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