EV Charging Hub in Croydon, London

  • RAW Charging launches ultra-rapid EV charging hub in Croydon.
  • Located near Valley Retail Park, the ChargeYard serves local businesses, taxis, and visitors.
  • With 30-minute average charge time, it guarantees availability and convenience.

Introducing RAW Charging’s new EV charging hub, the Croydon ChargeYard

RAW Charging, a top provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, has launched an innovative ultra-rapid EV charging hub in bustling Croydon. 

The site is hosts four dual Alpitronic 150 kW chargers. That means the ChargeYard can simultaneously accommodate up to eight vehicles, guaranteeing availability and convenience. 

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The ChargeYard will transform EV charging in the area, offering drivers quick and efficient charging options. It’s open 24/7, and hosts a range of payment options for every driver’s convenience.

The site is located near Valley Retail Park, just off Waddon Marsh Way. So the ChargeYard is strategically positioned to serve local businesses, taxi drivers, and visitors in Croydon. With a mere 30-minute average charge time, there’ll be minimal waiting for drivers.

RAW Charging has committed to converting unused land into cutting-edge charging facilities. By revitalizing the Waddon Marsh Way plot, the ChargeYard is giving new life to neglected spaces while providing a vital resource for the community. 

The launch of the Croydon ChargeYard marks a significant step towards promoting EV adoption. An estimated 45% of EV drivers are unable to charge at home. This hub addresses the urgent need for fast, accessible, and affordable charging options.

RAW Charging’s new ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hub in Croydon not only enhances EV charging accessibility but also paves the way for a sustainable and eco-friendly future. Turning brownfield sites into EV hubs is a perfect springboard into the future of mobility.

“The launch of our latest ChargeYard will provide a vital EV charging resource for the people of Croydon. Based in the town centre, the new location will be of great benefit to those who live and work in the area.”

Bruce Galliford, RAW Charging CEO

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