EV Chargers to be installed at Merlin’s big UK attractions

  • RAW Charging announce a partnership with Merlin Entertainment to install EV chargers at 5 of its UK attractions, including Thorpe Park and Legoland
  • The charging points will have both app and contactless payment options
  • This builds upon RAW charging’s current partnerships with the National Trust and Greene King

RAW Charging and Merlin Entertainment partnership

EV charging infrastructure supplier RAW Charging has announced a partnership with Merlin Entertainment to install 22kW EV charging points at five of its biggest UK attractions – Thorpe Park, Chessington, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle, and Legoland.

With a 22kW point fully charging the average electric car in around 5 hours, the long time spent at these attractions means these solutions are perfect as opposed to ultra-rapid chargers.

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RAW Charging is both funding, installing, and managing these chargers, which will enable visitors in Electric Vehicles to recharge during their stay, further expanding the UK’s growing charging infrastructure. As well as being able to pay through the Chargepoint app, users will also have the option to use the chargers via contactless payment. Legislation will require this, in the near future.

“RAW Charging is in the business of providing convenient and cost-effective charging to EV drivers visiting A-list destinations in the Leisure, Hospitality and Retail sectors. Merlin Entertainments’ portfolio of world class attractions is as A-list as it gets, and we’re delighted to work together in partnership to energise guests’ visits and deliver on everyone’s sustainability goals.”

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging

The company has been entering several partnerships with hospitality and entertainment businesses to provide on-site charging solutions. Only in April did it announce a deal with the National Trust to install chargers across its range of sites over the next three years, investing up to £12m in that deal. The company also partnered with pub group Greene King to provide EV chargers across its 2,700 sites.

This announcement, along with the announcement of InstaVolt’s new Super Hub, is great news for ensuring the UK’s charging infrastructure is up to standard ahead of the 2030 ICE legislation.

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