Eurelectric and EY’s EVision 2024: Navigating the challenges of European EV adoption

  • EVision 2024: Unveiling insights in Brussels on March 6-7 to boost EV adoption in Europe.
  • Streamlining operations, grid modernisation, and improving the EV user experience.
  • EVision 2024 explores geopolitics, trade disputes, and market trends in electric mobility’s future.

EVision 2024 will unveil insights to help enhance EV experiences and navigate emobility demand

The global electric vehicle (EV) market is rising, but in Europe, hurdles obstruct the journey to widespread adoption. Nations worldwide are domesticating and competing over EV production. The UK’s ZEV Mandate, and its European equivalents, push for dramatically increased adoption.

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Eurelectric and EY posit that data is the key to understanding and, therefore maximising, adoption. Data is usually sequestered for a competitive edge, this data isolation obstructs the emobility ecosystem’s efficiency. Unravelling this data lock is crucial for optimising services, cost-cutting, and refining the overall EV user experience.

Eurelectric, in collaboration with EY, is releasing a joint report at EVision 2024 in Brussels on 6-7 March. The report, alongside specialised panel discussions, will shed light on accelerating EV adoption in Europe through data interoperability.

The two-day event will feature six panel sessions, each digging into an aspect of the data-driven emobilty report

The opening session will unveil the Eurelectric-EY joint study on emobility. The session will feature opening words from Georges Gilkinet, Belgium’s Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for mobility. Attendees will also benefit from a fireside chat between Luca De Meo, President, ACEA & CEO of Renault, and Leonhard Birnbaum, President, Eurelectric & CEO of E.On. 

The CEO panel begins thereafter, which will feature industry leaders from essential companies in the European race for decarbonisation.

Session 2, titled “Unlocking the Power of EV Data Interoperability,” will critically examine data sharing within the EV ecosystem. It explores how this sharing streamlines operations and enhances user experiences.

In Session 3, “Data-Driven Grid Modernisation for Electric Mobility,” the focus will be on the synergy between data exchange and grid modernisation. Attendees will learn how data-driven insights reshape the grid, accommodating the EV surge, with an emphasis on smart charging and real-time data analytics.

Session 4 will spotlight enhancing the EV user experience through improved data management. The discussion revolves around how interoperable data simplifies charging, provides real-time insights, and enhances convenience for EV users.

Geopolitical dimensions of the EV industry take centre stage in Session 5, titled “Cleantech Clash: Global Struggles in Electric Vehicle Primacy.” Expect in-depth dives into trade disputes, supply chain vulnerabilities, and the battle for technological supremacy shaping the future of EVs.

Finally, Session 6 will provide insights into the EV adoption outlook and charging deployment in Europe. Attendees will grasp the current trends, government initiatives, and market dynamics influencing EV growth.

EVision 2024 stands as an important calendar event for industry experts, CEOs, policymakers, and researchers. The sessions promise illumination of challenges, solutions, and the evolving emobility landscape. All of these data-driven insights will fuel the essential collaborative problem-solving the industry needs to secure widespread EV adoption.

Check out the full agenda, and secure your tickets, here:

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