Euan Moir takes on the commercial EV transition as Head of Fleet and CRT UK at Shell

  • Euan Moir is now Head of Fleet and Commercial Road Transport UK, focusing on the B2B emobility transition with innovative Shell technology.
  • Shell’s CRT Solutions include EETS Box for tolls, Fleet Assistant for planning, and Telematics for performance tracking.
  • The Shell Card simplifies fuel payments and the Fleet Hub enhances spending security during fleet electrification.

Euan Moir is named the Head of Fleet and CRT UK at Shell: What are Shell’s CRT solutions, and how far can they propel the EV transition? 

Euan Moir has taken on new responsibilities at Shell in the company’s mission to invest and develop in the emobility sector. As such, Euan has moved from ‘Head of Fleet Solutions UK’, to the ‘Head of Fleet and Commercial Road Transport UK’. So, the all-important question is, what does Shell’s Commercial Road Transport (CRT) offering cover? Let’s dive in. 

Shell CRT Solutions is a comprehensive suite of road transport tools and services available 24/7 to help truck fleets and long-distance haulage tick. The Shell EETS Box with SmartPay and KMaster is at the heart of the initiative. 

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This simple gadget facilitates electronic toll payments. It’s compatible with all European road charging systems, and currently covers 14 European countries. As with the entire EV transition, simplicity and clarity are key. A streamlined service takes the concern of EV management out of the fleet operator’s hands. 

Another key tool is the Shell Fleet Assistant

This programme, manages route planning, costs, and documents. It’s integrated with the Shell EETS Box, yet further streamlining the offering. While we’re planning routes and tracking documents, we may as well cover performance. 

Shell Telematics is designed to reduce the administrative burden of fleet management. It offers actionable insights to boost performance by tracking fuel, maintenance, vehicle, and driver hours. That ensures that the driver, and truck, are safe, healthy, and efficient.

The fleets and CRT world also covers Shell Card payments

The Shell Card streamlines payments for everything from fuel to snacks. It provides exclusive pricing, loyalty benefits, and advanced fraud prevention. The card grants access to over 1,100 Shell forecourts and 2,500 partner stations in the UK. It supports both traditional fuels and over 23,000 EV charge points. So, if your fleet is halfway through its transition, the one card still works for every vehicle. 

Spending also comes with its own ‘telemetry’, the Shell Fleet Hub tracks fleet spending to enhance security. Additionally, the e-Road Services Portal offers valuable information and access to specialist services for long-haul journeys across Europe.

Shell’s CRT solutions are a comprehensive suite of tools to help truck fleets across Europe decarbonise at pace. Largely centred around the ingenious EETS Box, the services are streamlined and efficient, so that, frankly, fleet managers have no excuse not to transition. 

We wish Euan the best of luck with his new CRT remit, and we’re excited to see how far this innovative technology can take our fleet electrification efforts.

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