Booming Romanian EV market gets charging boost

  • Etrel and Engie Romania collaborate to deploy EV infrastructure in Romania.
  • They will use the OCEAN charge point & energy management system for residential, business, and public charging.
  • The partnership aims to support the growing EV market in Romania and contribute to sustainability goals.

Etrel has partnered with Engie Romania to meet Romania’s growing demand for EV infrastructure.

Etrel and Engie Romania signed a contract to deploy the OCEAN charge point & energy management system for residential, business, and public charging across Romania. 

Etrel, a leading EV charging solutions provider, has partnered with Engie Romania to meet Romania's growing demand for emobility infrastructure.

Engie Romania, an emobility services provider, chose OCEAN for scalable and stable charging infrastructure as they expand their EV network. OCEAN is adaptable enough to cater for a range of needs, from small charge point operators to fleet companies. This means that Engie Romania can customise operations, granting specific access rights to different partners.

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Why is Etrel so interested in Romania? 

Romania’s EV market surged by 83.5% in 2022, surpassing the EU average of 28% according to ACEA. The country represents a young emobility market that is experiencing a rapid boom due to comparatively late adoption. That means that the country’s EV infrastructure hasn’t had time to build organically and grow with gradual public adoption. 

With OCEAN, Engie Romania can build a robust and future-proof charging network that can cater to everyone’s needs. Etrel’s OCEAN system empowers Engie Romania to support widespread EV adoption and contribute to sustainable mobility goals. The partnership sets the stage for accessible and reliable charging infrastructure across the country. 

“ENGIE Romania is an important player for low-carbon energy solutions and green mobility. As such, we continue to develop solutions to help our customers decarbonize their activities and better protect the environment. We are very pleased to announce the signing of this contract with Etrel, which is another enabler to develop E-mobility in Romania for our customers”

Nicolas Richard, Executive Vice President Head of Thermal & Supply ENGIE Romania

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