Equipmake welcomes Dr. Nicholas Moelders as COO, supporting global expansion efforts

  • Equipmake names Dr. Nicholas Moelders COO for global expansion.
  • Dr. Moelders, an electrification veteran from Sensata Technologies, brings extensive experience.
  • His role supports Equipmake’s growth strategy, succeeding James Bishop.

Equipmake appoints Dr. Nicholas Moelders to push for global expansion

Equipmake, the UK-based engineering specialist in electrification products, has appointed Dr. Nicholas Moelders as Chief Operating Officer and Executive Director. This is supporting the company’s global expansion strategy. Dr. Moelders, a seasoned electrification executive, brings over two decades of experience to Equipmake.

Dr. Moelders was formerly in key leadership roles at Sensata Technologies, a $3.8 billion company with 20,000 employees. He played a pivotal role in developing electrification products and power conversion solutions across industrial, aerospace, and automotive sectors. His expertise includes serving as Vice President of Electrification Strategy and later as Vice President and General Manager of Clean Energy Solutions at Sensata Technologies.

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Equipmake’s CEO, Ian Foley, expressed excitement about Dr. Moelders’ appointment:

“Nicholas is a pre-eminent figure in the electrification industry and I am delighted to announce his appointment as Chief Operating Officer. He brings with him over two decades of experience in the sector and importantly, given his expertise and global network, will further support Equipmake’s expansion plans, targeting key electrification markets, including within the U.S.. Furthermore, his presence as an executive director on the board is intended to provide further high-level support and strategic insights as Equipmake continues to deliver on its ambitious growth strategy.”

Dr. Moelders takes over from James Bishop, who steps down as COO. The company acknowledges Bishop’s contributions and wishes him success in his future endeavors.

Dr. Moelders, based in the U.S., will actively contribute to Equipmake’s international operations. He will solidify the company’s position as a pioneering force in electrification across the automotive, aerospace, bus, and coach industries. The move comes shortly after the company provided 20 repowered buses to London’s Big Bus Company. His appointment reinforces Equipmake’s commitment to staying at the forefront of the dynamic electrification sector.

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