EO Charging appoints Richard Staveley as CEO

  • Richard Staveley becomes CEO, marking a major leap for the company.
  • Founder Charlie Jardine moves to President, spearheading global growth from the US.
  • The duo targets expanding fleet charging solutions in North America and Europe.

Richard Staveley assumes CEO role at EO as they expand into the US

EO Charging (“EO”) is an industry pioneer in electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions tailored for depot-based fleets. Boasting an outstanding uptime exceeding 99.5% on its fleet charging management system, EO exemplifies reliability and excellence in the industry. The recent appointment of Richard Staveley as CEO marks a significant progression for the company. This strategic move comes as Founder Charlie Jardine transitions to the role of President and Founder, with plans to relocate to the US later this year to spearhead EO’s growth in North America and other key global markets.

Charlie Jardine, President & Founder of EO, reflects on the transition:

“After 10 years of growing the business, it is a real privilege to be able to hand over the CEO reins so I can focus on expanding the business globally. It is my pleasure to announce Richard Staveley as EO’s new CEO. His leadership and strong investor backing place EO in an excellent position to advance our goals and further galvanise our presence as the go-to partner for fleet electrification globally.

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Richard Staveley’s appointment heralds a new chapter for EO. Building on a strong foundation, EO benefits from strategic investments by industry leaders like Zouk Capital and Vortex Energy. This follows an $80 million investment round in February 2023. Richard has a proven track record of driving growth in PE and VC-funded companies in e-mobility, IoT, and telecommunications sectors. His leadership is set to propel EO to new heights.

As Richard takes on the role of CEO and Charlie concentrates on strengthening EO’s presence in the US, the duo will steer the company towards expanding its fleet charging solutions in North America and Europe while retaining its leading position in the UK market. This strategic realignment aligns with EO’s mission to become go-to partner in EV fleet charging globally as the adoption of zero-emission transportation continues to gain momentum within the EV charging infrastructure sector.

Richard, the newly appointed CEO of EO, expresses his enthusiasm for the role: 

“I am thrilled to step into the CEO position at this crucial juncture for the EV charging industry. With a solid market foundation and unwavering support from our dedicated investors, we are presented with an exceptional opportunity moving forward. EO Charging is primed and ready to tackle the evolving demands of this rapidly expanding sector. I look forward to guiding the company through its next phase of growth, with a focus on innovation, charging-as-a-service, and expanding our market reach.” 

Richard Staveley’s visionary leadership will help propel EO forward. The company is poised for development with a focus on excellence, sustainability, and industry leadership.

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