Elevating the significance of electric flight: Volocopter takes centre stage at COP28

  • Volocopter claimed its spot as the first eVTOL at COP28, championing electric flight in the urgent global push for decarbonisation.
  • With a decade of development, Volocopter reinforces its commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology for sustainable aviation solutions.
  • Volocopter is set to revolutionise air mobility with electric propulsion, targeting EASA certification and a 2024 commercial launch.

Volocopter takes flight at COP28, leading the charge for sustainable skies in the race to decarbonise our planet

Volocopter, a pioneer in Urban Air Mobility, recently made history at COP 28 in Dubai. They’ve becoming the first electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) company to join the climate conversation. The event provided a platform for Volocopter to showcase its safe, sustainable, and quiet electric aircraft solutions. With over a decade of innovation, the company is leading the charge in adopting electric propulsion technologies, charting a green course for the Urban Air Mobility industry.

In the realm of global emissions, aviation’s 3% share is a concern, and Volocopter is stepping up with a determined focus on decarbonisation. Beyond CO2, nitrogen oxides (NOx) add to the challenge, urging a shift toward greener alternatives. Volocopter is leading the charge, embracing electric propulsion to usher in a cleaner era.

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Dirk Hoke, Chief Executive Officer at Volocopter, said:

“Our participation in the conference signifies the crucial role of eVTOLs in the conversation about decarbonization in the aviation industry. As a company with expertise in sustainable aviation, Volocopter is bringing concrete solutions to the table to accelerate decarbonization starting now, rather than in the next decade.”

Their fully electric vehicles signify a departure from traditional pollution norms. With a commitment to reducing noise and emissions in urban areas, Volocopter’s electric aircraft fleet represents a pragmatic approach to environmental responsibility. It’s not just innovation; it’s a thoughtful move toward a more sustainable aviation future.

Oliver Reinhardt, Chief Risk and Certification Officer at Volocopter, said:

“Volocopter is committed to creating a safe and sustainable future of transportation. Our team is pushing the technological and regulatory boundaries to commercially implement emission-free aviation solutions that already exist today. What we do now is an essential first step that allows sustainable aviation technology to mature to the next levels. Highest levels of safety and sustainability are the pillars of our mission to revolutionize air mobility.”

As the aviation industry grapples with its environmental impact, Volocopter emerges as a beacon of change, challenging norms and paving the way for a cleaner future. Their commitment to electric propulsion and the imminent type certification from EASA for the VoloCity air taxi heralds a significant milestone. With a commercial debut in 2024 and ambitions to expand globally, Volocopter not only signals a shift towards sustainable air travel but envisions a future where Urban Air Mobility becomes a reality in cities worldwide. 

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