Electrogenic completes a one-off 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II conversion for Hollywood’s Jason Mamoa

  • UK firm Electrogenic converts a 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II for actor Jason Momoa, showcasing their EV expertise.
  • The ambitious conversion maintains the classic driving experience with a 150-mile range.
  • Electrogenic’s achievement reinforces its market leadership in preserving heritage with modern EV solutions.

Jason Mamoa will be driving through the Hollywood Hills in his electric Rolls-Royce Phantom II thanks to Electrogenic

Electrogenic, a renowned British EV technology firm, has completed an EV conversion of a 1929 Rolls-Royce Phantom II for Hollywood actor Jason Momoa. 

This bespoke conversion will feature in his documentary series ‘On The Roam’. A show which combines Momoa’s passion for cars with his dedication to environmental sustainability. The show is available on HBO Max and Discovery+.

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Jason Momoa, said: 

“In order to pull off this dream project, I had to find the right partner. I needed a team that would appreciate the stored history of this car while updating its technology. Electrogenic is all about honouring vintage cars. Making them electric without losing any of the vehicle’s character. They were the perfect fit.”

Representing the most ambitious EV conversion to date, Electrogenic solidifies its position as a market leader in EV technology. The transformation of the classic Rolls-Royce required thousands of man-hours. Electrogenic leveraged its proprietary EV powertrain technology for a fully reversible conversion.

The converted Phantom II boasts 93kWh of batteries elegantly housed under a hand-riveted aluminium cowling. That provides a real-world range of 150 miles. Despite the extensive modernisation, the driving experience remains true to the classic Rolls-Royce style – smooth, effortless, and reliable.

Overcoming engineering challenges associated with converting a nearly century-old luxury car to the latest EV technology, Electrogenic’s skilled team preserved and updated the Phantom’s mechanical chassis lubrication system and redesigned the cable-operated braking system.

Inside, the Phantom’s cabin retains its original features, with a discreet modernisation of the audio setup, including a state-of-the-art HiFi system. The conversion ensures a seamless integration of cutting-edge technology with classic design elements.

In terms of driving experience, the electrified Phantom II offers a silent and graceful performance, staying true to the vision of Rolls-Royce’s engineers from a century ago. With a range of approximately 150 miles and various driving modes, including ‘Eco’ and ‘Sport,’ the conversion enhances the efficiency and usability of the classic vehicle.

Steve Drummond, Director, Electrogenic, commented: 

“We’re delighted to finally reveal the full details of this car to the world. It has been a labour of love for everyone at Electrogenic, and a lot of fun, working with Jason over the course of 18 months to bring his vision to life.

Our team of engineers, programmers and fabricators have poured their hearts and souls into Jason’s beautiful Phantom II. This is undoubtedly the most complex classic car EV conversion ever undertaken, so the stunning results really are a testament to the world-leading talents of our team. We’re immensely proud of the finished car, and humbled that Jason entrusted us with this landmark project.

Now, for our work and team to be showcased on screen by Jason alongside other passionate craftspeople, really is the icing on the cake. It’s the perfect way to celebrate this Phantom II, which is now future-proofed for another hundred years of stately motoring.” 

Electrogenic’s conversions marry heritage with cutting-edge EV technology. They’re specialists in readying classic cars for another century of dignified and environmentally conscious motoring. 

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