Electrifying the Royal Mail: Celebrating 5,000 EVs

  • Royal Mail achieves milestone with 5,000 electric vehicles in fleet
  • Over 160 delivery units in the UK switch to electric operations
  • Sustainability plan focuses on emissions reduction, circular practices, and collaboration

The Royal Mail has reached a remarkable milestone with 5,000 electric vehicles in its fleet.

They celebrated by deploying the 5000th electric vehicle at Sheffield City Delivery Office, where over 50 electric vehicles are already hard at work. 

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Across the UK, more than 160 delivery or collection units have switched to full or partial electric operations. Bristol led the way with 22 all-electric units in June 2021, and now Urmston Delivery Office proudly boasts 19 electric vehicles. As one of the UK’s largest fleets, the Royal Mail’s electrification could lead the way for fleets across the nation.

This milestone works into Royal Mail’s wider goals. Their sustainability plan aims for net zero emissions by 2040, aligned with global agreements. They focus on three key commitments: cutting emissions in their operations, encouraging suppliers to do the same, and tackling climate change risks head-on.

The electric fleet is just the first of four pillars which Royal Mail are building to decarbonise. 

Second, they’re redesigning their network, boosting energy efficiency, and going all-in on renewable electricity. Third, they’re reducing waste and promoting circular practices and sustainable products.

They’re not going at it alone; collaboration is vital. With their size and reputation, they are able to push for industry-wide reporting on emissions per parcel. This will help customers to make informed, sustainable choices. 

A real-life example is their second parcel hub, showcasing their eco-friendly approach with energy-efficient certifications, renewable energy, and smart water harvesting.

Their hard work is paying off. In FY2022-23, they cut their UK carbon footprint by 7% compared to 2020-21, thanks to smart fleet electrification and energy management.

Royal Mail’s dedication to sustainability is a beacon for businesses worldwide. They prove that a greener future is within reach, and we can all play a part. 

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