ElectricDrives is proud to present Top Women in EV 2024

  • ElectricDrives opens nominations for the 2024 Top Women in EV campaign, recognizing innovators in the electric vehicle sector.
  • The campaign, featuring an annual panel with industry experts, has recognized 210 women and facilitated mentorship for over 170 professionals.
  • We will announce the finalists during the March 4th to 10th, 2024 social media celebration.

Nominations are open now for Top Women in EV 2024!

ElectricDrives is the new home of the Top Women in EV campaign! This phenomenal yearly campaign, brought to you in partnership with Auto Trader, invites nominations for the outstanding women driving innovation in the electric vehicle (EV) sector. The heart of this initiative is a one-week social media celebration highlighting the remarkable women leading the charge in emobility.

Since its debut in 2021, the campaign has been a trailblazer, recognizing 210 women through an engaging online platform. But it doesn’t stop there—over 170 professionals have been paired through the mentoring scheme, fostering collaboration and growth within the industry.

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The campaign takes centre stage with an annual panel discussion featuring experts from renowned organizations like EY, ABB, FLEETCOR, Lloyds Banking Group, and more. This year promises insightful conversations that delve into the latest trends and challenges facing the EV sector.

One of the campaign’s most notable achievements is the generation of over 1.1 million impressions on LinkedIn in 2023 alone. This underscores the campaign’s commitment to amplifying the voices and accomplishments of women in the EV field. 

Nominating the women making a difference in EV is a straightforward process. 

Just click on the nomination link here to put forward your candidates. Our expert judging panel will review all nominations, selecting 70 finalists. The winners will be unveiled during the social media celebration from March 4th to 10th, 2024.

To encourage wider participation, we urge you to share the nomination form on your LinkedIn, spreading the word and recognizing more outstanding women in the EV sector. Additionally, companies interested in aligning with this empowering initiative can reach out to Lindsay Brown for exciting collaboration opportunities. Reach out today: lindsay.brown@green.tv

ElectricDrives is proud to continue the tradition of celebrating and showcasing the positive achievements of women in the electric vehicle sector. Nominations are open for Top Women in EV 2024. We invite everyone to join us in honouring the women shaping the future of emobility.

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