Electric vehicles (EVs) are far cheaper to run than petrol, diesel or hybrid engine cars

We often get asked about the running costs of electric vehicles (EVs) so have taken a look at the running costs of driving several of the most popular electric cars. We have compared them to their petrol or diesel equivalents to see the difference in running costs per mile, per week and per year using Zap-Map’s journey cost calculator.

The figures are based on the average miles covered in a year, which is around 10,000 miles per year or 192.30 per week. If you’re new to zero-emissions driving the figures are startling. The savings on daily, weekly and yearly running costs are usually between a quarter and a third of their petrol equivalents.  

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We know that the initial costs are different. In this instance, we have deliberately ignored this to look purely at running cost. Plus, many drivers these days don’t purchase cars outright. Instead, many lease or get cars through a company fleet scheme where the retail price is less relevant.

Leasing an electric car is a great way to try out driving a zero-emissions vehicle and a way of trying different models to see which works best. Lease and subscription schemes like those offered by elmo, the world’s first net-zero electric car subscription platform, provide a new and cost-effective way of driving electric. elmo offer drivers the chance to subscribe to cars without the costly commitment of buying outright.

Several other companies also offer similar schemes. Onto, who recently partnered with the Electric Vehicle Association (EVA), offer a subscription scheme without any long-term commitment for any period from 30 days upwards.

The Electric Vehicle Experience Centre is UK’s first brand-neutral centre dedicated to electric vehicles. They aim to provide free advice about electric and plug-in vehicles to educate those making the move to zero-emissions driving. They also offer short term rentals for a day or two to try out different vehicles.

Along with cheaper overall running costs, electric car maintenance is much lower than combustion engine vehicles. This is because there are fewer moving parts in an electric car so making maintenance costs extremely low.

Plus, electric cars are lower to tax, exempt from low emissions zones and congestion charges. If you’re thinking about making the move to driving electric now is the time and we’ve yet to meet anyone who has regretted the decision.

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Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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