Electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions companies Co Charger and Paua partner in the UK

Co Charger and Paua, two leading electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions for UK fleet payments and community charging, have announced today they will join forces. Together they will provide business drivers with single access to both base and route charging across almost 22,000 charge points nationwide.

The joint offering combines Paua’s comprehensive business drivers EV charging service with Co Charger’s unique base charging solution. This will enable employees who cannot charge at home to rent a neighbour’s charger instead.  

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This will provide convenient charging for the 40-50 percent of fleet drivers unable to install a charger at home. Ultimately, it will make it easier for all employees to transition to electric vehicles.

With transport responsible for the highest emissions of any sector, decarbonising business travel is vital if the UK is to start stabilising and reducing emissions in time to meet the IPCC’s 2025 climate change deadline. Solutions like the combined Paua/Co Charger initiative are vital for achieving this.

Joel Teague, Co Charger CEO and co-founder, said: “Businesses across the UK know they need to switch to electric vehicles but many are nervous about transferring. This is mostly because of the potential impact on employees and this is especially true for those unable to charge at home.

“Providing a comprehensive ‘single site’ solution, combining base and route charging with easy payments, allays these fears. It means companies can provide clear, easy advice to all employees about where they go for information, regardless of their individual circumstances.”

Niall Riddell, Paua CEO and co-founder, said: “So many fleet managers want to transfer to electric but are held back by concerns about charging. What we’re highlighting here is optionality with existing feasible solutions. We want to offer drivers choices to suit their charging needs.

“Paua offers access, payments, and combined billing through public charge points at over 20 networks covering 6,600 UK locations including Shell, Osprey, Ionity, Char.gy and Mer.  

“With the addition of Co Charger’s home charge points, we’re now fulfilling the needs of millions of business drivers who need access to regular, reliable base charging too. It’s a solution which quite simply works, and we’re delighted to be playing such a key role in supporting the electrification of the nation.” 

Through the new solution, business drivers can use Paua’s app-based solution to see where both public and private home charge points exist on the Co-Charger peer-to-peer network. This enables them to use and pay for their required electric vehicle charging, whether out on the road or charging at home. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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