Electric Vehicle Association England opens its doors to members

Electric Vehicle Association (EVA) England today opens its doors to members. The association has been set up to offer a voice to both current and prospective electric vehicle (EV) drivers in England.

The aim is to provide up to date, reliable information about EVs and smart charging, as well as promoting the health and environmental benefits of electric vehicles. EVA England, a non-profit community interest company, has gone from strength-to-strength since its inception in summer 2020.

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Gill Nowell, a director at EVA England, said: “With numbers of electric cars steadily increasing despite the economic challenges of lockdown, and the 2030 phase out date for all new sales of petrol and diesel cars fresh in people’s minds, EVA England acts as a support mechanism for both current and prospective electric car drivers.

“We launched our new website in February and have been delighted by the number of membership enquiries already received from drivers who are keen to join the EVA England community.”

EVA England members will receive an exclusive membership pack, a charging etiquette guide, as well as access to further guides and support. As both membership and demand grow, members will also have access to specially organised events, and a variety of discounted services and products.

A highlight of EVA England’s opening membership offer is that all members can benefit from £50 off any electric car home charger on the Rightcharge website.

Charlie Cook, founder of Rightcharge, explains: “Rightcharge is delighted to see EVA England open its doors to members. Drivers will get access to both our home chargepoint and EV-friendly energy tariff comparison services. And in addition, we’re very excited to offer a chargepoint discount to all EVA England members in order to celebrate the launch, and a special moment in EV history.”

Members will also have the option of participating in surveys that aim to better inform on the big issues for EV drivers in England. This in turn will help shape EVA England’s activities. Building on the success of its first survey on government policy in July 2020, EVA England has issued a survey through its social media and partner networks on the UK Government Consumer Experience of Public Charging Consultation.

Over 1,000 EV drivers have responded, helping to ensure that electric vehicle charging infrastructure is widespread, reliable, safe and user-friendly, across all driver groups. The survey will close at midnight on Friday 19 March and EVA England will share the results after that date.

One of EVA’s early surveys found 74 percent of respondents agreed with the ban on the sale of petrol and diesel-fuelled vehicles. Almost three quarters (74 percent) of motorists agreed that the decision was necessary for the protection of the planet and future generations.

Membership is open to current, new and prospective drivers of electric vehicles and costs £20 a year. EVA England looks forward to engaging with, listening to and acting on the needs of EV drivers as it continues to grow, welcome new members and expand its offering.

This a great way to bring the electric driving community together. It will help to provide crucial information from those already driving electric vehicles, which will help to shape a better future for all zero-emission drivers and potential adopters.

EVA England

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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