Electric Miles is unleashing vehicle-to-grid technology with VERBUND

  • Electric Miles partners with VERBUND and Magna for a vehicle-to-grid focussed energy management initiative.
  • The consortium, with Ambibox and Smatrics, expands to small-scale assets for diverse energy management.
  • A live demo on January 17th, 2024, in Vienna will showcase Electric Miles’ capabilities in bi-directional EV flows for a sustainable energy future.

Electric Miles joins a consortium with VERBUND and Magna to trial vehicle-to-grid energy management systems

Electric Miles, a trailblazer in smart energy, has teamed up with energy giant VERBUND and automotive leader Magna in a game-changing partnership. This alliance signals a shift in energy management, focusing on electric vehicles (EVs) and the transformative Vehicle-to-Grid (V2G) technology.

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In a consortium with Magna, Ambibox, Smatrics, and VERBUND, Electric Miles is embarking on a proof of concept trial. The goal is to unleash the power of V2G technology. This groundbreaking tech could allow EVs to dive into energy trading markets. Electric Miles’ charge management platform takes the wheel, directing Magna’s bi-directional EV via Ambibox’s charger, responding to signals from VERBUND’s energy trading platform.

But it doesn’t stop at EVs. 

Electric Miles has its eyes on a broader horizon. Beyond the realm of vehicles, their vision extends to comprehensive energy management across Europe, involving small-scale assets. These assets, under the Electric Miles roadmap, promise a tapestry of diverse revenue streams. This could serve as a valuable example of the new possibilities in the world of energy management.

The consortium plans a live demo in Vienna on January 17th, 2024. This demo will showcase Electric Miles’ platform orchestrating bi-directional flows from designated EVs, proving the capabilities of their pioneering technology.

Electric Miles, a Software as a Service charge management platform, is at the forefront of innovation. Their platform offers smart charge services for asset owners, remote charger support for manufacturers, and a user-friendly installation app for installers. The world is looking to V2G technology to answer some of the most pressing grid-balancing challenges that EVs are bringing. Entire cities such as Gothenburg are undergoing extensive trials to put this innovation’s claims to the test. If these trials are successful, it’s safe to say that integrated V2G technology will become the norm for automotive manufacturers worldwide.

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