Electric bus trailblazer, KleanBus, expands its emobility expertise with the launch of KleanDrive

  • KleanBus expands beyond the electric bus sector into KleanDrive, providing electrification for various vehicles.
  • ‘ePowertrain Module’ offers a quick, cost-effective shift to zero-emission fleets.
  • The launch marks a major step toward sustainable mobility and positive change.

KleanBus expands beyond its electric bus roots with new umbrella company KleanDrive

KleanBus, a trailblazer in electric bus tech since 2021, is embarking on a new phase with the launch of KleanDrive, an expansive umbrella company. This move signifies a shift beyond buses, extending its innovative electrification technology to the entire transportation industry.

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KleanBus has gained some massive successes in the electric bus arena. Now, under the KleanDrive banner, the company moves beyond repowering buses. Now, it will provide game-changing electrification solutions for a wide range of vehicles. This includes light commercial vehicles, heavy-duty vehicles, marine vessels, and more.

Joe Tighe, CEO of KleanDrive, said:

“The launch of KleanDrive is a natural evolution of our business and innovative technology, reflecting our forward-thinking approach and our commitment to explore new opportunities that extend beyond the bus industry. This is the next step on our journey where our primary goal remains unwavering: to accelerate the transition to zero-emission vehicles for the betterment of our planet and all its inhabitants.

Our mission is transforming transport and with our innovative repowering technology offering a quick, cost-effective and sustainable shift to zero-emission, KleanDrive is ideally positioned to be the go-to solution provider in response to the urgent need to decarbonise across challenging and high-impact sectors.”

KleanDrive’s advanced technology, the ‘ePowertrain Module,’ emerges as a versatile solution. It can replace carbon-emitting combustion engines in various transport modes. It’s versatility allows it to cater for commercial, heavy-duty, marine, and off-highway sectors. 

The launch of KleanDrive marks a significant business milestone. The new umbrella reflects the company’s growth and success in sustainable transportation solutions.

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