ElectrAssure and National Grid install 1000 EV charge points in the UK

  • ElectrAssure and National Grid install 1000 EV charge points, supporting National Grid’s 100% electric fleet target by 2030.
  • Collaboration began in June 2021 to strategically deploy chargers across substation and office sites.
  • Deployment marks significant progress in decarbonising transportation and advancing sustainability goals.

National Grid powers towards its 100% electrification goal as it celebrates 1000 charge points installed with ElectrAssure

ElectrAssure and National Grid have installed 1000 electric vehicle (EV) charge points. This development underscores National Grid’s commitment to transition its entire fleet to electric by 2030.

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The collaboration began in June 2021 to strategically deploy EV chargers across National Grid’s network of substation and office sites.

The commissioning of the 1000th EV charger at Wymondley Substation in Hertfordshire marks a notable achievement. This charger will serve as a vital resource for colleagues and engineers at the National Grid Electricity Transmission (NGET) site.

Prem Gabbi, Director of UK Land and Property at National Grid, said:

“Installing our 1000th EV charger is another fantastic milestone because it supports our wider rollout of electric vehicles by ensuring we have the necessary infrastructure to build a more sustainable future alongside our customers and communities. I’m proud of our teams for leading on such a crucial part of National Grid’s transition to a clean, fair and affordable energy future whilst working alongside excellent partners like ElectrAssure and the wider NGET team.

The UK’s transition to electric vehicles is a key component in the race to net zero and National Grid’s efforts to transform the country’s energy system mean we play a key role in facilitating this.”

National Grid’s commitment to electrifying its fleet is embedded within its Responsible Business Charter. This framework encompasses initiatives promoting workforce diversity alongside reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Alun Davies, Operations Director for ElectrAssure, commented:

“A contract of this size and scope takes a lot of organising and planning in order to be successful. Both National Grid and ElectrAssure took responsibility for ensuring that the charging required by National Grid’s fleet was provided in the most efficient manner possible while causing minimum disruption to critical operations on substations and critical sites.

It is evidence of the collaborative nature of this approach that the contract is operating ahead of schedule and with the very highest levels of operational availability post installation.”

Installing 1000 EV charge points represents a tangible step in decarbonising transportation in the UK. National Grid and ElectrAssure are laying the groundwork for widespread adoption of electric vehicles. The achievement bolsters the UK’s increasing network and propelling the electrification of a major UK fleet.

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