Einride launch cross-border electric freight network for Heineken’s European operations

  • Heineken and Einride launch cross-border electric freight for CO2 reduction, linking breweries and distribution centres.
  • Project aligns with Heineken’s 2040 net-zero goal, utilizing electric trucks, renewable energy, and AI systems.
  • Einride’s expertise ensures substantial emission cuts, marking a crucial step in sustainable freight transport.

Einride and Heineken team up to power electric freight transport across Europe

Heineken and Einride pioneer a new era in electric freight, launching a cross-border electric freight initiative to reduce CO2 emissions. This joint venture is fuelled by renewable electricity, and will connect Heineken’s Den Bosch brewery in the Netherlands to it’s German Duisburg distribution centre.

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The environmental impact is substantial, with the initiative expected to slash approximately 930 tonnes of CO2 emissions annually. This move aligns with Heineken’s broader sustainability vision of achieving net-zero carbon emissions throughout its value chain by 2040. Logistics, responsible for 12% of Heineken’s total carbon footprint, takes centre stage in this endeavour.

Arjen van der Woude, Heineken’s Director Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain, commented:

“Decarbonisation of logistics will play a key role in achieving Heineken’s net-zero commitments. 

At this stage, battery electric is one of the best-positioned technologies to decarbonise road freight. Einride has the knowledge, network and experience to offer long-term end-to-end electric freight capacity services at competitive conditions. Their capability to bind OEMs, transportation companies, carriers, drivers, and authorities together to smoothly organize logistics in critical parts of our network makes them a great partner.”

Einride’s electric trucks are powered by renewable energy, charging infrastructure deployment, and the integration of Einride Saga. Einride Saga is an AI-driven operating system steering the entire ecosystem. The fleet contains five Mercedes eActros 300 trucks. They will traverse approximately 540km per truck daily, adding a practical dimension to this ambitious initiative.

Robert Ziegler, General Manager EMEA at Einride, stated:

“At Einride, with a highly ambitious, sustainable driven team, we see Heineken as an ideal partner on a clearly defined path to reduce emissions. As Heineken’s actions towards net-zero span across the entire value chain, we are happy to help them achieve this goal by joining forces on a cross-border electrification journey.”

The charging infrastructure, reliant on Kempower charging solutions and seamlessly integrated with Saga, assumes a pivotal role in route optimisation, energy consumption minimisation, and emissions reductions monitoring via data-driven insights. Einride’s track record amplifies the credibility of the venture. Its European endeavours have already resulted in massive emission reducitons. Partners such as Mars have embraced Einride trucks in their fleet, noting remarkable emissions decreases of up to 95%. Electrifying the freight sector is an essential step towards decarbonisation. Freight operators will readily emrace emobolity as they experience the undeniable real-world benefits.

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