EIB’s €20 million boost propels GDI’s silicon anode revolution

  • EIB invests €20 million in GDI for innovative 100% silicon anode.
  • GDI aims to revolutionize EV batteries, backed by European support.
  • Breakthrough tech promises faster charging and increased energy density.

European gigafactory unveils breakthrough silicon anode for faster charging and enhanced electric vehicle safety

The European Investment Bank (EIB) is injecting €20 million into Graphenix Development Inc (GDI) to propel the development of revolutionary 100% silicon anodes for batteries. This venture debt loan from EIB is a strategic move to foster the evolution of silicon anodes, set to replace traditional graphite components in batteries.

GDI, a US-based company, is strategically investing in Europe’s thriving market for cutting-edge energy technologies. The quasi-equity loan agreement between EIB and GDI is a key component of the InvestEU program, aiming to stimulate more than €372 billion in additional investments in new technologies by 2027.

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This financial boost aims to catapult GDI’s next-generation silicon anode technology, a game-changer for electric vehicles (EVs) and a move towards reducing dependence on graphite. The project plans to produce silicon anodes at an industrial scale in Germany, with AGC Glass Europe and Schlenk SE joining forces to provide expertise and supplies.

Why is this significant? 

The technology promises remarkable improvements – over 30% increase in Lithium-ion cell energy density compared to graphite anodes, resulting in batteries that charge faster while enhancing safety. GDI’s 100% silicon anodes have undergone third-party safety testing, showcasing their ability to pass nail penetration tests for high-energy Lithium-ion cells.

GDI and AGC demonstrated the world’s first roll-to-roll Megawatt scale pilot production of double-sided 100% silicon anodes in late 2023. This achievement positions GDI to demonstrate the first Gigawatt scale production of 100% silicon anodes in Europe, potentially setting a global standard.

The EIB loan, structured as equity-type venture debt, is an instrumental step in supporting GDI’s goal of scaling up its silicon anode technology to gigawatt scale industrial production. It aligns with the InvestEU program’s Thematic Innovation window, contributing to the EU’s broader policy objective of decarbonizing the industry.

Rob Anstey, GDI’s Founder/CEO, stated:

“After intensive discussions and due diligence with the EIB, our result is a partnership that will lead to Europe’s first Gigafactory for 100% silicon anodes. These anodes can be directly integrated into Li-ion cell factories. Factories that adopt this anode will manufacture cells with increased energy density (>30%), 15-minute fast charging capabilities (hundreds of times in a row), and increased safety (verified by third party testing) vs. graphite anodes. We will be one of the few companies that succeeds in scaling next-generation Li-ion technology to industrial manufacturing in partnership with the EIB, Schlenk SE, and AGC.”

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