EDF UK’s new home charging tariff is the cheapest to support all EVs

  • EDF UK’s new EV energy tariff, named the ‘EVolve’ tariff, will be open to all EV models and EV chargers, which it says will save the average electric car driver £200 a year.
  • The zero carbon tariff aims to save consumers money by encouraging off-peak charging at a cheaper rate.
  • With EDF’s partnerships with both EV leasing provider DriveElectric, and home charger providers Pod Point, the company is hoping to offer an all-in-one solution for electric car drivers.

EDF Energy launches new EV tariff

The £200 saving calculated by EDF comes from the assumption of an annual charging consumption of 2,000kWh, all done during off peak hours. EDF calculates that this will take the average EV around 7,000 miles – roughly the average annual mileage driven by cars in the UK. However, in one of the most efficient EVs, such as the Tesla Model 3, that equates to approximately 9,000 miles of driving. While some EV tariffs only support certain brands, EDF’s new offer supports all models, which it says makes it the cheapest in the country to have universal compatibility. Electric car drivers in the UK are now becoming spoilt for choice when it comes to EV-specific tariffs, with some V2G agreements from other brands essentially allowing you to charge your vehicle for free.

Rich Hughes, Director of Retail at EDF UK, commented:

“By charging up with our new tariff, drivers can reduce their CO2 emissions from their vehicle to zero, as well as saving £200 a year on their bills, whatever the make or model of their EV… Some EV tariffs negatively impact customers based on their daytime home usage and they can end up worse off. EVolve is a penalty-free EV tariff that benefits customers who charge off-peak, with the peace of mind of no premium peak prices during the day.”

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