Ebike charging just became easier and 100% renewable

  • BikeFlex and Solarcycle partnership offers 100% renewable solar charging under business leasing plans.
  • Aiming to accelerate the transition from cars to ebikes, making it accessible and affordable.

BikeFlex and Solarcycle have teamed up to revolutionize ebike charging

Their partnership provides 100% renewable solar ebike charging under business leasing plans. It’s a response to the growing demand for eco-friendly ebike charging solutions and offers businesses a cost-effective alternative to fleet cars.

BikeFlex, known for pioneering ebike leasing, now incorporates Solarcycle‘s innovative off-grid, solar-powered EV charging into their plans. This empowers customers to enhance their sustainability efforts with free-to-use solar charge points.

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The goal is to accelerate the transition from cars to ebikes, making eBiking and charging more accessible and affordable. 

Tim Hammond, Co-Founder of BikeFlex, highlights the importance of this collaboration, stating:

“Our ebike leasing customers often ask what to do about charging. Leasing eBikes with Solarcycle is the perfect complete solution for businesses working with an ESG agenda. The ebike fleet and charging solution, created in collaboration with Solarcycle, will entice people out of their cars and onto ebikes. This is a pivotal moment for companies to take responsibility for their fleets and embrace ebikes as part of a sustainable and cost-effective transportation solution, not only for their employees but also as part of their overall company fleet.”

Leasing Solarcycle’s easy-to-install ‘solar-in-a-box’ ebike charging solution alongside the ebike fleet offers tax-deductible advantages starting at £195 per month for three years. Businesses can customize their ebike fleet and add branded SolarPoints to promote sustainability.

Solarcycle’s charging stations, featuring universal 3-pin sockets, harness sunlight through flexible PV panels, converting renewable energy into electrical current to charge your bike. Each pillar charges two bikes simultaneously.

Paul Stratford, Founder of Solarcycle UK, shares the excitement, saying:

“This new partnership creates a hassle-free and affordable way for businesses to contribute to their sustainability goals.”

This innovative solution by BikeFlex and Solarcycle is set to drive the uptake of ebikes. This paves the way for the popular ebike to become one of the primary methods of transportation in future cities. 

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