Eatron Technologies secures significant funding for AI-powered battery software

  • A2 Series Funding round fuels Eatron Technologies in advancing AI-powered battery software.
  • Investment from LG Technology Ventures, MMC Ventures, 100th Year VC, and Türkiye Development Fund.
  • Accelerates global expansion and development amid the automotive industry shift to software-defined vehicles.

AI-powered battery software is around the corner thanks to Eatron Technologies’ funding round

Eatron Technologies concludes its A2 Series Funding round. They secured noteworthy investments from LG Technology Ventures, MMC Ventures, 100th Year Venture Capital, and the Türkiye Development Fund (TDF). The company will receive a substantial cash injection, earmarked for advancing its AI-powered battery management software.

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Eatron will play a pivotal role in navigating the transformative automotive landscape. The company emphasises the evolution of its software platform to align with the industry’s changing dynamics.

The funds will accelerate the development and deployment of embedded and cloud-based features within Eatron’s proprietary software platform. This technological focus will meet the emerging needs of the market. This is particularly prevalent as the automotive sector witnesses a pronounced shift towards software-centric solutions.

Beyond the technical advancements, this funding catalyses Eatron’s global expansion plans. The company envisions reinforcing its teams in the UK and Turkey, fostering collaborations with global entities sharing a commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation within the automotive software domain. We’ve seen an increase in automotive tech investments with the goal of global advancements.

Eatron’s distinctive technology approach involves implementing an intelligent software layer atop existing battery controls platforms. This method is designed to facilitate smarter battery management, enabling swift deployment while mitigating costs, risks, and time-to-market concerns.

Dr Umut Genc, Founder and CEO of Eatron, said:

“Securing funding in a difficult global financial market can be a challenge, so naturally we’re delighted that our expertise and achievements have been recognised as we continue to lead the way in software-defined batteries.

Intelligent automotive software platforms, embedded at the edge and connected to the cloud, are crucial to the industry’s transformation into a software-driven future, and our unique synthesis of functional safety, machine learning, advanced controls, connectivity and cloud analytics are already helping manufacturers and suppliers to develop connected vehicles faster, better, and ahead of their competition.”

The increasing integration of intelligent automotive software platforms, seamlessly connecting from edge to cloud, signals a pivotal shift towards a future defined by software innovations in the battery industry. Eatron’s focus on functional safety, machine learning, advanced controls, connectivity, and cloud analytics positions the company as a significant contributor. It empowers manufacturers and suppliers to adeptly navigate the dynamic landscape of connected vehicles.

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