Easee partners with electric vehicle (EV) subscription company elmo and AES to offer a seamless home charging option

Easee, a green-tech company producing electric car chargers, has announced it will partner with electric vehicle (EV) subscription company elmo and AES to offer a seamless home charging option. The new partnership will allow drivers to fully switch to EVs with home charging included.

By joining forces, customers will have access to the elmo Home Charge offer, which includes full installation of the Easee One for a discounted price. This offer, paired with elmo’s competitive subscription rates means that driving an electric vehicle and having convenient at home charging is even more accessible.

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Sam Levy, Easee sales manager, said: “Since we launched Easee in the UK, we’ve had a close bond with elmo. We share similar values that go beyond a working relationship, we both strive to provide a best-in-class and leading-edge experience to our mutual customer base. 

“The launch of this partnership is testament to these shared values and a milestone partnership that we’re all looking forward to developing further in the future.”

The Easee One unit is fully compliant with the UK’s new Smart Chargepoint regulations which came into force in December 2022. The Easee One unit also comes with access to the Easee App, allowing users to schedule their EV charging sessions so they can benefit from cheaper off-peak energy tariffs, as well as track their energy usage and expenditure.

As part of this partnership, the charging unit will be installed by AES, one of the UK’s leading installers of renewable technology, guaranteeing the customer a best-in-class service.

Olly Jones, elmo co-founder, said: “The UK’s public charging network is growing at pace but for total convenience and the most affordable electricity costs, charging at home is the best option for many drivers. That’s why we’re delighted to partner with Easee and AES to launch elmo Home Charge. 

“This partnership gives our subscribers access to stylish home charge points, installed at a discounted price, so they can enjoy charging from the convenience of their driveway.”  

Together the partnership sets out to accelerate the transition to electric vehicles by providing those who can’t purchase an electric car upfront with a convenient way to enter the market paired with cost-effective at home charging.

The process for ordering the Easee One charger couldn’t be simpler. Customers simply need to head to the elmo website, complete a short survey and select any additional extras. Then AES will be in touch with a quote and the next steps. Drivers can personalise their Easee One with a choice of five different cover colours and have the added reassurance of a three-year warranty.

Rob Floyd, director of operations for AES Charge & AES Solar, said: “We have a longstanding relationship with Easee, they prove time and time again, that their solution is the right one for reliability and sustainability. elmo delivers an EV package for the customer, that makes owning a vehicle easy and enjoyable, taking away any concerns new EV owners may have.

“This partnership means that we’re able to install the best EV technology available on the market and help provide those looking to reduce their carbon footprint with an accessible way to drive an electric vehicle.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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