Dual charging on Dartmoor: BMW extends emobility to the UK’s national parks

  • BMW installs five dual charging points in Dartmoor National Park, part of ‘Recharge in Nature’ partnership.
  • Chargers, funded by BMW, strategically located, aim to boost EV infrastructure in UK National Parks.
  • Initiative addresses sustainability, providing options for the park’s 100 million annual visitors.

BMW brings dual charging to the UK’s far-flung corners

BMW has energized Dartmoor National Park with five new electric vehicle (EV) charging points. This is part of the ‘Recharge in Nature’ partnership between BMW UK and National Parks UK. The dual chargers, funded by BMW, can simultaneously juice up two cars each. 

The chargers enhance emobility options in key locations: 

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  • Postbridge visitor centre car park
  • Princetown visitor centre car park
  • Meldon Reservoir car park.

This initiative aligns with the broader goal of boosting EV charging infrastructure in UK National Parks. Thirty-three chargers are already in place across the country’s National Parks. Plans aim to cover all 15 parks within the three-year partnership.

Considering that UK National Parks welcome over 100 million visitors annually, with a staggering 93% arriving by car, this development strategically aligns with the demand for sustainable travel. The goal is clear: facilitate better access for low-emission and quiet vehicles.

Andrew Watson, Head of Recreation, Access and Estates, said: 

“Dartmoor National Park is home to 36,000 people, alongside the millions of visitors that come to enjoy the Park every year. Working with National Parks Partnerships, BMW and PodPoint to install these new electric charging points is about ensuring we can provide choice and encourage lower emission travel options.”

Ensuring that as more visitors come to explore, Dartmoor remains at the forefront of eco-friendly travel. With these charging points in place, Dartmoor National Park is not just preserving its natural beauty but also becoming a trailblazer in promoting environmentally conscious transportation. The ‘Recharge in Nature’ partnership continues to shape a future where national treasures and electric vehicles coexist harmoniously.

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