DS Automobiles joins the EV takeover as the official Automotive Partner for Paris Fashion Week

  • DS Automobiles unveils EV fleet at Paris Fashion Week: DS 7 and DS 9 E-TENSE.
  • EV manufacturers, including DS, leverage major events for broader audience appeal.
  • DS emphasises sustainability with a fully electrified range and plans for 100% EV models by 2024.

DS Automobiles brings an EV fleet to Paris Fashion Week

DS Automobiles aims to make a significant impact at Paris Fashion Week. The luxury carmaker plans to showcase an exclusive fleet of DS 7 E-TENSE and DS 9 E-TENSE models. This move contributes to the increasing prevalence of electric vehicles (EVs) within prominent events. 

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This announcement follows similar collaborations, such as BYD’s role as the official emobility partner for the UEFA EUROs and Kia’s sponsorship of the Australian Open. These partnerships signal a strategic effort by EV manufacturers. They aim not only to increase visibility but also to contribute to the development of an early mainstream audience for EVs.

DS Automobiles is bringing its DS 7 and DS 9 models to the event. These models feature ChatGPT and E-TENSE plug-in hybrid drivetrains. The company’s commitment to a sustainable and eco-conscious driving experience is evident. This is showcased by its fully electrified range since 2019 and the ambitious plan to introduce 100% EV models across its lineup from 2024.

The choice of Paris Fashion Week as a stage for this showcase is strategic. Given its influential audience and global reach, the event provides an ideal setting for DS to underscore the idea that EVs are not merely futuristic concepts but integral components of our current landscape. The sponsorship trend among major EV manufacturers signals a broader industry narrative. It sees EVs as part of our present, enhancing experiences in diverse realms from sports arenas to high-fashion runways.

As EVs move beyond niche markets and into mainstream awareness, the collaborations with major events underscore a nuanced evolution. The emphasis is on integration rather than overt sales pitches. This reflects a growing acknowledgement that the broader adoption of EVs hinges on their acceptance and seamless integration into everyday life. 

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