Driving positive change: one electric mile at a time

In an era where the global climate crisis looms large and the need for sustainable solutions grows increasingly urgent, the transition to emobility stands as a beacon of hope. Yet, amid this crucial shift towards EVs, negative media coverage often casts a shadow over the progress being made. 

Green.TV Media, in partnership with Auto Trader, are setting out to steer the narrative towards positivity and engagement with a series of electric leadership events and summits.

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Emobility represents more than just a technological evolution – it embodies a paradigm shift towards a greener, more sustainable future. But scepticism and misconceptions appear to be a major feature in media coverage of the growing space.

From concerns about range anxiety to doubts about charging infrastructure, these narratives can overshadow the numerous benefits that EVs bring to the table.

The Green.TV Media and Auto Trader partnership represents a mission to counteract negative portrayals of emobility and amplify the positive stories that deserve attention.

Ade Thomas, Founder of Green.TV Media, said;

“EVs have taken a real hit in the media over the last year. What should be an entirely positive narrative about shifting to better, greener tech, has been subverted somewhat. The emobility sector needs to come together, overcoming an internecine approach to competition and tell the positive stories about the myriad benefits of going EV. That’s what we, at Green.TV Media, have been working hard on, creating, what we call ‘the ideas infrastructure for emobility’ with World EV Day, the EV SUMMIT, Ebike Summit, EV LIVE at Blenheim Palace, Top Women in EV and ElectricDrives: campaigns, channels and events that really help to shift the dial on EV engagement.”

Green.TV Media looks to counteract misconceptions through flagship events that serve as platforms for industry leaders, policymakers and enthusiasts to come together, share insights, and celebrate the progress of emobility. More importantly, they provide a stage for showcasing the advancements, innovations, and success stories that often go unnoticed amidst the noise of negative coverage.

The key events in the calendar are:

  • The EV SUMMIT, known as the ‘Davos for emobility’. The summit is a high level business forum based on the dual themes of business engagement and thought leadership from the most senior, influential and informed people in the sector.
  • The US EV SUMMIT, launching for the first time in 2024 in Austin, Texas, will unite the US emobility industry for a one-day high-level summit, replicating the success of the EV SUMMIT.
  • EV LIVE at Blenheim Palace, will welcome 8000+ visitors a day to the UNESCO World Heritage site that is Blenheim Palace, creating a welcoming, family oriented event to ask those all important questions around the transition to emobility.
  • EBIKE SUMMIT, the high-level platform to strategically propel sales in the ebike sector, by engaging leaders across government, business and industry bodies. 

GreenTV Media’s owned channels and initiatives that underpin these events include:

  • World EV Day™, uniting companies and individuals, policy makers and thought leaders, for a day of activations and announcements that continue to propel the emobility movement across the globe.  
  • ElectricDrives, the fastest growing emobility channel in Europe, with over 1/4 million social media followers and a LinkedIn audience of >21k industry professionals.
  • Top Women in EV, now in its sixth year of celebrating the top women working in the electric vehicle sector, Top Women in EV recognises the talent in the emobility sector and inspires other women to consider a career in the industry.

Joey Grigg, Director or Ebikes & Micromobility at Green.TV Media, commented;

“A thriving emobility sector can unlock positive interactions with transport for millions of people, while reducing environmental impact vs existing systems. However, it requires an ideas infrastructure to drive engagement. We want to ensure all can benefit from the advances in safety and security across the industry, and the constant innovation. That’s what we’re building for the ebike sector by bringing together leaders at our Ebike Summit, and EV Live events – aiming to support the type of growth we continuously see forecasted, but which requires an active and connected sector”

Together, Green.TV Media and Auto Trader are not only shaping the narrative around emobility but also empowering individuals to be part of the solution. By highlighting the stories of innovation, environmental impact, and societal benefits, they are reframing the conversation and inspiring a more optimistic outlook on the future of transportation.

In a world inundated with negative news, these initiatives are built to share positivity and progress. As the momentum behind emobility continues to build, it’s clear that the road to a sustainable future is paved with innovation, collaboration, and a shared commitment to driving change – one electric mile at a time.

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