Driving an electric car could find you love: Research finds electric vehicle (EV) drivers twice as likely to get a date on Tinder

Research carried out by Big Motoring World has discovered driving an electric vehicle (EV) could be the way to finding love. Big Motoring World carried out an experiment to see if driving an electric car was more likely to get a prospective partner to swipe right for a match on the online dating site Tinder

For the experiment, Big Motoring World created two near-identical Tinder profiles for one of its employees. The profiles were the same except for one small difference – on one profile, they used a photo of the employee posing behind the wheel of a shiny new Tesla.

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The goal was to get as many matches as possible for the employee in the lead-up to Valentine’s Day. They started swiping in the first week of January, giving them roughly six weeks to work with. 

If anyone saw the profile and swiped left it meant they weren’t interested. If anyone swiped right it would be a match, meaning they would like to go on a date with the employee.

Much to their amazement, the Big Motoring World experiment, which consisted of 500 daily swipes for each profile, saw the profile with the Tesla electric car photo received 61 matches, compared to 25 matches for the second profile. 

It’s safe to say that posing in the Tesla more than doubled the employee’s chances of a date and the Tesla EV profile had a 144 per cent higher success rate than the second profile. 

Tesla Model Y

This goes to show that driving an electric car is not only going to save you money on running costs and less maintenance but could find you the person of your dreams. It would be interesting to see if a tired old first-generation 10-year-old electric car had the same effect, though. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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