DEWALT moves into emobility with new range of EV chargers

  • DEWALT enters the emobility market with smart, fast, and rugged EV chargers.
  • These chargers reflect DEWALT’s century-long commitment to innovation.
  • Qmerit has joined the project to provide installations.

The leading tools and construction innovators look to the future with new EV chargers

DEWALT, a leading name in the world of tools and technology, has launched its new line of EV Chargers. These chargers are not just another addition to their impressive portfolio; they represent a significant stride into the world of emobility.

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These chargers bring DEWALT’s century-long legacy of innovation and quality to a new realm. From the very start in 1924, DEWALT has been synonymous with trailblazing technology. This venture into EV chargers underscores their unwavering commitment to meeting customer needs.

What sets these chargers apart is their smart technology. DEWALT is offering a range of options, from portable chargers with 16A charging capability to robust home solutions with 48A power. But it’s not just about power; it’s about efficiency and safety. These chargers boast lightning-fast speeds and advanced safety features. Their rugged construction is designed to withstand the rigours of daily use, even in challenging environments.

DEWALT have coupled this launch with the release of the DEWALT EV Charger App. The app is designed to provide seamless control and monitoring for home charging. Beyond that, DEWALT has partnered with Qmerit, who are providing their installation expertise.

DEWALT has leveraged its experience from the jobsite to drive innovation. They’ve consistently stayed at the forefront of construction technology, incorporating insights from various domains, including space exploration and aircraft.

DEWALT’s entry into the EV charger market is not just a product launch; it’s a testament to their enduring commitment to cutting-edge technology. It’s also a significant step into the world of EVs, a move which we’re seeing increasing amounts of automotive-adjacent companies making.  DEWALT are looking to the future, and applying their own specialities and expertise to the new world of emobility.

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