Deutsche Telekom subsidiary Comfort Charge adopts new HPC electric vehicle (EV) charger from Compleo 

Comfort Charge has announced it is now ordering the first generation of high-power charging (HPC) charging stations from Compleo Charging Solutions, ahead of the actual product launch in spring 2023. The order for 38 innovative high-power chargers (HPC) for electric vehicles (EVs) was received by Compleo today. 

Compleo Charging Solutions AG is one of the leading full-service providers of charging technology for EVs in Europe. The company supports its business customers with a range of charging stations and a backend for charging infrastructure. 

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Comfort Charge, a Deutsche Telekom subsidiary, already operates 172 fast-charging stations in Germany, one of the country’s largest networks. Comfort Charge is pressing ahead with the expansion of its charging network and is securing the latest powerful charging technology from Dortmund-based manufacturer Compleo for the task. 

The newly developed charging stations in the high-power charging category each have a capacity of 200kW. The charging hardware will be installed at charging facilities at Telekom locations in Cologne, Neuss and Isernhagen. 

Comfort Charge is also ordering 420 AC charging points in the Duo series to drive forward the electrification of Telekom’s vehicle fleet. With about 23,000 service and business vehicles, the Telekom Group has one of Germany’s largest company fleets. 

As part of its sustainability strategy, it will no longer order vehicles with internal combustion engines with effect from 1 January 2023. This is an impressive move by Telekom Group with such a large fleet and one that, hopefully, other similar businesses will follow.

Mathias Laubenstein, Comfort Charge CTO, said: “We are already looking forward to the fast charging units from Compleo. After carefully observing the market, we have specifically opted for the new HPC technology from the Ruhr. The chargers are an excellent fit for our existing system.” 

From the perspective of Comfort Charge, the new HPC charging station offers fundamental benefits in operation compared to the models currently available on the market. The HPC charging stations are easy to integrate into the Comfort Charge charging infrastructure. 

Short servicing times and the ease of fitting spare parts and expanding power modules are among the main benefits. Another neat technological feature of the HPC charger is efficient power management, which ensures a very low reactive current component during operation, for example. 

The innovative HPC charging stations from Compleo are also extremely quiet in operation which makes them highly suitable for use in residential areas. The space-saving option of back-to-back installation is also proving to be a winner. The start of series production of the fast-charging station is scheduled for April 2023. 

Jörg Lohr, Compleo CEO, said: “We are very pleased to be launching into the HPC market with our long-standing partner and customer Comfort Charge. For us, moving into this segment is a genuine milestone and a very important signal in the growing HPC market segment.” 

Comfort Charge has been sourcing its charging solutions from Compleo since 2017, and already operates some 600 AC charging points based on the proven Compleo hardware. Further AC charging points for public charging have already been ordered. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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