Delivery Mates Acquire XeroE in Push for Urban Decarbonisation

On-demand delivery service provider, Delivery Mates, has announced the acquisition of XeroE, a BCorp zero-emissions logistics company. Delivery Mates aims to expand their services while enhancing their footprint in the sustainable last-mile delivery market.

The acquisition of XeroE will significantly expand Delivery Mates’ operations and propels Delivery Mates towards their goal of becoming a leader in sustainable urban logistics.

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XeroE has built a reputation for exceptional delivery services, and now they will benefit from Delivery Mates’ industry-leading technology and operational capabilities. That means the integration should improve the overall operational efficiency of XeroE’s services and streamline the delivery experience for customers.

Delivery Mates aqure XeroE in push for sustainable last-mile delivery services
Source: Delivery Mates

The acquisition of XeroE is a huge step in Delivery Mates’ growth in the zero-emission last-mile delivery market. The company has been experiencing rapid expansion in recent years as customers across the board feel a greater sense of climate responsibility, leading to the surging demand for sustainable and efficient delivery services.

Sustainable urban logistics is a huge playing field as sustainability moves into the forefront of everyone’s minds. Inner-city decarbonisation is an integral part of our journey to net zero, and last-mile deliveries account for a large amount of most cities’ emissions. Delivery Mates’ acquisition of XeroE is a significant move towards responsible deliveries, the improvement of urban air quality, and slashing our carbon emissions on the whole. 

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