Dallas teams up with Ford Pro to electrify city fleet

  • The City of Dallas partners with Ford Pro to transition their 5,400 vehicle fleet to electric by 2040.
  • Ford Pro installs charging stations and provides software to optimise charging, saving the city money on energy.
  • This collaboration reflects a growing movement in state and local governments to electrify fleets.

The Big D teams up with Ford to electrify fleet by 2040

The City of Dallas, Texas, recently announced a significant step towards a cleaner future. They’ve partnered with Ford Pro, the commercial vehicle division of Ford Motor Company, in a 10-year agreement to electrify their municipal fleet by 2040.

This collaboration aims to improve air quality in America’s fourth-largest metropolitan area by transitioning away from internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicles.

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Reducing Dallas’ energy waste through smart charging

The agreement involves two key aspects: hardware and software. Ford Pro will supply and install charging infrastructure at city worksites. Additionally, their smart charging software will optimize charging schedules, ensuring fleet vehicles are fully charged and ready to roll when needed. This integrated approach reduces energy waste and saves the city money on electricity costs.

This move aligns with Dallas’s “Comprehensive Environmental & Climate Action Plan (CECAP),” which was adopted in 2020. The CECAP outlines a path toward reduced carbon emissions, and electrifying the city fleet is a key component.

The thought leaders driving this positive change

Dallas Mayor, Eric L. Johnson, said:

“The City of Dallas is committed to a clean and healthy environment. This partnership with Ford Pro is a major milestone that will help us achieve cleaner air and lower energy costs. We’re excited to work with them to expand charging infrastructure and transition our fleet to electric vehicles.”

Ford Pro CEO, Ted Cannis, sees this collaboration as a significant step for both Dallas and the electric vehicle market. He commented:

“EV adoption is booming in government fleets, and we’re proud to provide the hardware and software solutions that will help electrify one of the biggest cities in Texas.”

Cannis highlights the importance of smart charging software, not just for managing current needs but also for strategically planning future infrastructure placements.

A trend sweeping the U.S. public sector

This partnership reflects a growing trend across the U.S. With millions of vehicles operated by state and local governments, the push for electrification is gaining momentum.

The U.S. federal government has set ambitious goals for transitioning its own fleet to zero-tailpipe-emission vehicles by 2035, and many state and local governments are following suit.

The factors driving this shift are multifaceted. Rising fuel costs, potentially lower operational costs for electric vehicles, and the suitability of EVs for many municipal use cases all contribute to the growing interest in electrification and making our cities cleaner and safer.

As a leader in the commercial vehicle market, Ford brings a wealth of experience to the table. They boast America’s best-selling line of commercial vehicles for nearly four decades, including the best-selling electric truck (F-150 Lightning) and van (E-Transit).

This partnership positions Dallas to be a leader in the electric vehicle revolution, setting a positive example for other cities across the nation.

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