Daimler Truck Announces a New All-Electric Truck Brand, Rizon, for the US market

Daimler Truck has announced a new brand of medium-duty electric trucks for the US market called Rizon. 

The Rizon truck will come in two variants: the L-model with three 124 kWh lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery packs that can go 110 to 160 miles on a single charge and the smaller M-model with two 83 kWh battery packs that can travel 75 to 110 miles. 

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The trucks will have two battery-charging systems, with Level 2 AC chargers taking about 5-6 hours and DC charging stations taking 45-90 minutes to charge the battery.

Production for the Rizon electric truck will begin later this year, with the first vehicles set to be delivered at the end of 2023. The Velocity Vehicle Group will be the exclusive distributor for the US. 

The new Rizon truck, from Daimler Truck, the new all-electric commercial vehicle.

It’s believed that the Rizon vehicles will essentially be the Fuso eCanter with a different brand logo. The Fuso eCanter was presented in September 2022 and has a similar appearance and technical specifications.

In addition to the Rizon brand, Daimler Truck also announced a joint venture for setting up charging and hydrogen fuelling stations for medium- and heavy-duty trucks in the US. This comes as the US Environmental Protection Agency proposed emission cuts for cars and trucks through 2032, with California considering even stricter rules for their state.

As the world moves towards emobility, eyes naturally turn towards the US automotive juggernaut. Developments like the Rizon electric truck are essential to propel the US towards net zero and inevitably encourage other territories to follow suit. 

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