DAF XD and XF Electric blaze trails in a British showdown over long-distance electric transport

  • DAF XD and XF Electric headline the UK Government and Innovate UK’s ‘Zero Emission HGV and Infrastructure Demonstrator’ programme.
  • Govt-backed initiative propels electric long-haul, boosts truck charging networks.
  • DAF Trucks offer a 500 km range and 325 kW fast-charging for an impressive 1,000 km daily operation.

DAF XD and XF Electric: pioneering zero-emission dominance in long-distance electric transport demonstration

The DAF XD Electric and DAF XF Electric are set to take part in a pioneering British initiative. The project will showcase cutting-edge zero-emission transport solutions for long-distance operations through the use of battery electric trucks. This groundbreaking project is known as the ‘Zero Emission HGV and Infrastructure Demonstrator programme,’. The programme is funded by the UK Government with support from Innovate UK and is set to last five years.

In a collaborative effort, the UK Government and Innovate UK, a public body dedicated to fostering innovation, look to leverage this program to not only catalyse the adoption of fully electric long-haul transport. They will also kick-start the build of a comprehensive public charging infrastructure, specifically designed for trucks.

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Commenting more widely on the DAF’s involvement in the programme, Managing Director at DAF Trucks UK, David Kiss, said: 

“The Government’s funding represents a significant opportunity to demonstrate and encourage the deployment of battery electric trucks in longer distance operations and at higher weights. Our New Generation DAF XD Electric and XF Electric models are the ideal choice for fleets, with operational capabilities up to the maximum 42-tonne GCW allowed for zero emission five-axle combinations in the UK. They also offer an up to 500 km single charge range, and with 325 kW fast charging, even a 1.000 km per day operation is possible.

Leading the charge, the DAF XD and XF Electric tractor units are poised to start operations with big players. Their collaborators include major fleets such as Maritime Transport, Marks & Spencer, Menzies, Royal Mail, and Eddie Stobart. All of these are actively participating in the demonstrator programme. Building on the success of the recent Battery Electric Truck Trial, DAF Trucks operated 20 DAF LF Electric urban distribution vehicles. Public entities, including the NHS and Local Authorities, were involved in the trial. The ‘Zero Emission HGV and Infrastructure Demonstrator programme’ further establishes DAF Trucks as a frontrunner in electric truck manufacturing.

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