CUPRA showcases new electrified and electric vehicles (EVs)

CUPRA has revealed the future of the brand is plug-in by revealing three new electrified and electric vehicles (EVs). These models, which include the CUPRA Terramar, CUPRA Tavascan and CUPRA UrbanRebel, will join the brand’s line-up by 2025. 

The announcement was made at the Unstoppable Impulse event that took place in Terramar (Sitges) and is the start of the brand moving towards an all-electric line-up by 2030

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Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA, said: “Tonight, we show the entire range of CUPRA’s next generation of heroes to be launched by 2025. In the midterm, our aim is to deliver 500,000 cars per year and push forward with our international expansion into new markets as well as entering new segments. 

“The CUPRA Tribe is committed to making all this happen, it’s the people that count. Because at the end, it’s the people who make the brand.”

CUPRA Terramar

The Terramar, which uses Plug-in hybrid technology, is the brand’s first electrified sports utility vehicle (SUV). By 2024, the line-up of plug-in hybrid models will include even more options and will have a greater range. It will be produced in Hungary at Audi’s Györ plant.

The CUPRA Terramar will be available with conventional powertrains as well as a new generation of plug-in hybrid powertrains that deliver around 62 miles (100 kilometres) in all-electric mode.

Jorge Diez, Design Director at CUPRA, said: “Terramar, our new sporty hybrid SUV, perfectly combines bold proportions with a long striking bonnet, while the shark nose means breakthrough resistance and the determination to win.

“Thinking of how the driver will feel, we provide a unique experience with the latest technology, thanks to the driver-oriented interior concept. All in all, a 4.5 metre long SUV, with CUPRA DNA ready to shake one of the most competitive segments.”

CUPRA Tavascan

The CUPRA Tavascan will be a 100 percent electric vehicle and it encapsulates CUPRA’s electrified vision and remains faithful to the 2019 concept car. The smart-looking all-electric crossover coupe-style SUV has sleek exterior lines designed for performance and efficiency. 

It features an all-electric powertrain and features two motors housed in each axle. These motors will offer a combined 225kW of power to all four wheels. These are driven by a 77kWh lithium-ion battery which is housed in the vehicle’s floor. It is expected to deliver a range of up to 280 miles (450km). 

Griffiths said: “Our dream will come true; the CUPRA Tavascan will be a reality. Based on the MEB platform of the Volkswagen Group, it will be designed and developed in Barcelona and will reach Europe and overseas markets in 2024.”

CUPRA UrbanRebel

In 2025, CUPRA will bring the UrbanRebel all-electric car to the market. The front-wheel-drive UrbanRebel is designed using the Volkswagen Group’s MEBsmall electric platform. 

Werner Tietz, CUPRA Vice-President for Research & Development at CUPRA, said: “The CUPRA UrbanRebel will be the biggest project for our company in the upcoming years, since it is key for our transformation as a fully electric brand. 

“We are leading the cluster development, the family of vehicles that will democratise sustainable urban mobility, for different brands within the Volkswagen Group.”

This 4.03-metre long vehicle has sustainability at its core, integrating advanced recycled polymers and bio-based materials to deliver a more environmentally-conscious vehicle. It mixes 3D printed and 3D knitted manufacturing approaches with parametric design to improve performance and value perception.

Lightweight design, both in the exterior and interior, helps the vehicle’s 166kW (226PS) electric motor and battery pack with overall performance and efficiency. It will offer a range of up to 273 miles (440km) (for the long range version) and be able to hit 0-62mph (0-100kph) in just 6.9 seconds. 

The CUPRA UrbanRebel, which was designed and developed in Barcelona, will be launched in 2025. Production is planned in Martorell, subject to the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation program (in Spanish, PERTE) for the Electric and Connected Vehicle (in Spanish, VEC).

Griffiths said: “The UrbanRebel is more than just a car to CUPRA. This is the model that will democratise urban electric mobility. Emotional, sexy, and fun to drive and at the same time accessible. We prove that electric cars don’t have to be boring. This will be the next generation’s entry into our range.”

With the Future: Fast Forward project, the company has created a group of 62 national and international partners to transform Spain into a European hub for electric mobility.

Just a few weeks ago, together with the Volkswagen Group and the Future: Fast Forward partners, the company presented a project to mobilise €10 billion to electrify Spain. This represents the single largest industrial investment in Spain’s history.

Griffiths concluded: “We know exactly where we want to go, and I promise you it will not be boring. Every single model we will bring to the market will be a step ahead on our journey.

“We will stay true to ourselves and be authentic, this is the spirit of the CUPRA Tribe. We’ll do this the CUPRA way, like we always have. The future is electric. The future is CUPRA.”

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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