Could Honda’s new EV brand in China spell trouble for BYD?

  • Honda’s new EV brand ‘Ye’ could challenge the dominance of local players like BYD, unveiling a lineup of electric SUVs and a sleek GT model.
  • With a 10% sales drop in China last year, Honda revs up its presence with the launch of the ‘Ye’ series, aiming to introduce six new models by 2027.
  • Featuring a fresh ‘H mark’ and innovative features like a far-focus display, Honda’s next-gen EVs promise to redefine the driving experience in China, with plans for electric models to dominate sales by 2035.

Honda’s ‘Ye’ EV Brand Sets Sights on China’s Market Dominance

Could Honda reclaim its ground in China against fierce local rivals like BYD? Despite the dominance of domestic automakers, Honda is making a bold move with its new EV brand – ‘Ye’ –  introducing a lineup featuring electric SUVs and a sleek GT model.

The Ye series was christened with the Chinese character “烨,” symbolising brilliance and Honda’s vision to ignite the inner passions of drivers.

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After experiencing a 10% drop in sales last year in China, Honda is revving up with the launch of its new EV series. This marks Honda’s third brand in the country, joining e:N and Lingxi. With plans to roll out six new Ye vehicles by 2027, Honda aims to reignite its presence in the Chinese market.

Honda’s Ye brand is set to sport a fresh ‘H mark,’ symbolising its next-generation EVs tailored for the Chinese market. Emphasising value for Chinese customers, these new models will ride on a specially crafted EV platform, signalling Honda’s commitment to catering to the unique needs of the Chinese market.

Honda’s first offerings under the Ye brand are the crossover models Ye P7 and Ye S7, slated for release by year’s end. Leveraging its cutting-edge platform, Honda’s next-gen EV lineup will feature both single and dual-motor 4WD variants, catering to diverse driving preferences and terrain demands.

The RWD variant is engineered to deliver ‘sporty and crisp handling,’ while the 4WD model boasts enhanced power and responsiveness. Inside, Honda’s new EVs boast innovative features such as LED lights on the instrument and door panels, dynamically adjusting based on AI, creating an immersive and futuristic driving experience.

The Ye P7 and Ye S7

Honda’s Ye P7 epitomises a seamless, sophisticated future, while the S7 ignites emotions with its captivating design. Both set for release by year’s end, these models promise innovation and excitement. Meanwhile, the Ye GT Concept offers a thrilling race car experience, inside and out.


With its groundbreaking far-focus display, offering a private theatre experience, Honda’s next-gen EV marks a leap into the future. The electric GT, slated for release by the end of 2025, promises a thrilling ride.

Looking ahead, Honda is committed to electrifying its lineup in China, with plans to introduce 10 Honda EVs by 2027. Their ambitious target? Electric models accounting for 100% of sales in the region by 2035, signalling a bold step towards sustainability and innovation in the automotive industry.

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