Compleo’s eTower 200: The new charging solution on the block

  • Compleo unveils eTower 200, a German-designed high power charger setting new EV charging standards.
  • Key features: modular power distribution, versatile low-height design, and an efficient Wire Hub.
  • The eTower 200 prioritizes adaptability, efficiency, and profitability in fast EV charging.

Compleo Charging Solutions UK introduces the eTower 200, a cutting-edge, adaptable high powered charger

Designed and manufactured in Germany, the eTower 200 delivers a peak output of 200 kW and efficiency exceeding 96%. On top of that, Compleo committed to efficiency, grid compatibility, and user-friendliness throughout the design process.

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The modular power distribution system of the eTower 200, coupled with a “Single Point of Service” approach, streamlines installation and operation. That’s intended to create a seamless experience for both operators and EV users. Its modular technology facilitates rapid charging by dynamically distributing power across seven independent modules. Each module is capable of delivering up to 920 volts and 72 amps. This ensures a swift charging process while minimizing standby power consumption.

Valentin Scheltow, Compleo Vice President for Sales, said:

“With the eTower, we aim to revolutionize fast charging for electric vehicles, demonstrating the superiority of emobility.”

The eTower 200’s low height allows installation in spaces with limited ceiling height. That small yet significant design detail expands its potential applications. The idea is that we could see the eTower 200 in challenging locations such as multi-storey car parks.

Installation becomes more efficient thanks to the innovative Wire Hub. Wire Hub is a system that simplifies the process, reduces costs, and ensures secure supply line management. The Active Frontend, another distinctive feature, stabilizes grid voltage. That means the charger is capable of contributing to grid stability during the ongoing expansion of rapid DC fast charging. Therefore, it addresses a common concern among infrastructure specialists. 

The eTower 200 is practically designed for Charge Point Operators, given its focus on optimal profitability and efficient operations. The use of compact 29 kW modules allows for automatic power allocation, maximizing energy sales potential for operators. A robust redundancy system guarantees uninterrupted operation during service calls, eliminating the need for cumbersome equipment.

Christian Müller-Winterberg, Vice President Research & Development commented: 

“Only a few market players have the core competence to develop power electronic charging modules. We are proud to have this unique capability within our company. This allows us to accelerate our innovation path for DC fast charging stations and at the same time respond flexibly to market requirements”

The eTower 200 emerges as an innovative charging solution, and as a noteworthy advancement in the landscape of EV charging technology. Its focus on combining efficiency, adaptability, and innovation speaks to many wider industry concerns. As we recently heard at the EV SUMMIT 2023, charging infrastructure rollout can’t come soon enough, and the easy marriage of charge points with their environments is paramount. 

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