Citroën and ubitricity announce partnership with the Citroën AMI EV launch in the UK

Citroën and ubitricity, a member of the Shell Group, have signed an agreement to make emobility more accessible for drivers across Europe. The collaboration comes with the UK launch of the UK Citroën AMI. It aims to encourage drivers to switch to electric vehicles (EVs) and help more cities to offeron-street EV charging for residents without driveways. 

The partnership will bring awareness to the transition to electric mobility by cooperating with innovative solution providers to offer a full-service package for drivers, as well as local authorities. Starting in London, the collaboration will help buyers of Citroën’s AMI to recharge at on-street parking when it launches in September 2022. 

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As part of Citroën’s ‘Power To The People’ philosophy, which aims to make electrification accessible by offering every kind of electric vehicle for all kinds of people, the first 2,000 UK customers of Ami 100% ëlectric will receive three months of free charging across ubitricity’s network.

Drivers who purchase a new Citroën AMI will receive free charging for three months at ubitricity’s EV charging network. This includes over 5,500 lamp post EV chargers across the greater London area and a growing list of other UK locations. 

In Europe, the collaboration will focus on enabling the switch to EVs through more lamp post chargers in more cities. EV chargers from ubitricity are becoming available in a growing number of markets across Europe for Citroën’s growing EV fleet and the partnership will aim to accelerate this growth further. 

Using the existing infrastructure, such as streetlights and bollards, offers a quick and easy way for urban areas to roll out a dense charging network without long planning phases. On-street EV charging options make it possible for drivers who don’t have a private driveway or garage for a wallbox to consider getting an EV. On-street EV charging, like that from ubitricity,is just as convenient, for example overnight when cars are parked for a long time anyway, as home charging.  

Daniel Kunkel, CEO of ubitricity, said: “The visions of Citroën’s AMI and ubitricity’s lamp post charge points align neatly – they are minimalistic, space-saving and simple, with a low footprint, mindful of resources and affordable for everyone. 

“In many of Europe’s cities, space is at a premium and for EV drivers without private parking, ubitricity’s lamp post charging solution offers convenient and affordable access to on-street charging right at their doorstep.”

Laurent Barria, Citroën Director of Marketing and Communications, said: “We are very happy to be partnering with ubitricity on this venture. AMI offers a comprehensive solution for urban mobility, our aim is to make freedom of movement easier and suited to the greatest number of people.”

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK Managing Director, said: “With this partnership, we wish to provide our UK buyers with a hassle-free, affordable solution to charge their AMI. This is in line with Citroën’s philosophy of providing electric vehicles with a customer-centric approach where the notion of care is very present.”

At the 2021 EV Summit, Shell announced its ambition to have 50,000 on-street ubitricity EV charge posts installed across the UK by the end of 2025. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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