Citroën Ami Cargo Electric car confirmed for UK sale in 2022

Hot on the heels of the announcement that Citroën Ami will come to the UK in spring 2022, Citroën UK is pleased to confirm that the commercial version, the Ami Cargo Electric, will also launch in the UK during 2022.

Ami Cargo will be adapted for the UK market but will remain left-hand drive. The compact Ami Cargo is designed to allow fleet and business operators to deliver packages and run services in urban areas.

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The Ami Cargo Electric features a 5.5kWh lithium battery pack that’s connected to a 6kW electric motor for 100 percent emissions-free driving. The vehicle can be fully charged in just three hours and is capable of up to 46 miles (74km) of range.

With zero CO2 emissions in use, the Ami Cargo is exempt from current and future Congestion and Ultra-low Emissions Zone (ULEZ) charges.

The Ami Cargo Electric has been designed to provide maximum load capacity, whilst maintaining the model’s compact and agile build. The model is 2.41 metres long, 1.39 metres wide and 1.52 metres tall. It also has a tight turning circle of just 7.20 metres making it ideal for city driving with easy manoeuvres and parking.

The interior has been re-designed for even greater practicality. The passenger seat found in Ami has been replaced by a seven-part polypropylene module that can hold up to 260-litres and 140kg of cargo or goods. This extends the interior storage already available giving Ami Cargo a total load capacity of 400-litres.

New Ami Cargo Electric prioritises driver comfort with the addition of a vertical partition between the driver and cargo area. Positioned to provide optimum space behind the wheel, it ensures the driver is always protected when out on the road.

The vehicle is also fitted with a secondary modular shelf unit capable of holding up to 40kg. This can be converted into a desk when parked. There is also a two-way adjustable floor allowing the vehicle to carry larger items.

This is a great idea to reduce the size of traffic that’s already filling up towns and cities in the UK. Being small makes it ideal for work in urban areas and it has a range that would work fine for many short trips often carried out in such locations.

Eurig Druce, Citroën UK managing director, said: “I am incredibly excited to see the Ami Cargo arrive in the UK next year. With more cities across the UK introducing restrictions for conventional vehicles, Ami Cargo Electric will provide businesses and fleet customers with the opportunity to continue their urban and last-mile operations in a practical, sustainable and cost-efficient way.”

Launch timings, pricing, specification details and supply arrangements will be available in due course.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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