ChargePoint joins Milence and UTA Edenred to revolutionise electric truck charging

  • ChargePoint partners with Milence and UTA Edenred for a £6bn electric truck charging initiative in Europe.
  • Goals include a UK charging infrastructure and 1,700 European charging points by 2027.
  • ChargePoint manages technical aspects, enabling seamless transactions, and the first operational site is in Venlo, Netherlands.

ChargePoint provides technical backing for Milence and UTA Edenred’s £6 billion electric truck charging push

ChargePoint is teaming up with Milence and UTA Edenred to spearhead the electric truck charging revolution across Europe. With an ambitious £6bn investment target by 2030, ChargePoint is set to play a crucial role in establishing a world-class charging infrastructure in the United Kingdom. 

Milence is on a mission to reshape the landscape of road transport. As such, they’re committing to build and operate 1,700 high-capacity public charging points throughout Europe by 2027. Their dedication to fossil-free transport perfectly complements the broader initiative of transitioning towards zero-emission heavy-duty vehicles.

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ChargePoint assumes the role of the technical charging partner for UTA Edenred. That marks a significant milestone in launching a new roaming integration. This integration empowers UTA customers to effortlessly settle transactions at Milence stations.

André ten Bloemendal, Senior Vice President Europe at ChargePoint, said:

“As UTA Edenred’s technical charging partner, we are proud to launch this new roaming integration enabling UTA customers to settle transactions at Milence stations. Milence is taking huge steps in developing a leading European charging network specifically for heavy-duty transport, and this partnership will support UTA Edenred’s goal of enabling their customers to make electric trucking a reality. 

ChargePoint is pleased to play the critical role of managing the APIs, data flows, and clearing between Milence and UTA Edenred in this partnership, in addition to supporting the wider rollout of heavy-duty truck charging by helping develop industry standards” 

Exciting progress is already underway, with the first operational site featuring four heavy-duty vehicle charging bays in Venlo, the Netherlands. This strategic location ensures accessibility, and plans are underway to connect additional charging points across various European countries in the coming months.

The collaboration between ChargePoint, Milence, and UTA Edenred represents a pivotal step towards the realization of electric trucking. It contributing significantly to job creation, economic growth, and the broader shift to sustainable transportation. As ChargePoint joins forces with Milence and UTA Edenred, the future of electric truck charging seems more promising than ever.

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