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Nio expands Power Swap Stations to Europe, accelerating EV battery swapping adoption

  • Nio introduces faster third-gen Power Swap Stations for quick power pack replacement.
  • Over 1300 stations in China, expanding to Europe with 13 stations.
  • Battery swapping accounts for over 56% of Nio model charging, stations store 21 batteries, capable of over 400 swaps per day while aiding grid balancing.

Chinese electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer Nio has launched its third-generation Power Swap Stations, which can replace the power pack of Nio EV models in under five minutes. 

Battery swapping accounts for over 56% of charging for Nio models, making it a significant part of their charging process. The new Power Swap Stations are much faster than traditional EV charging, with a swap time of around 4 minutes and 40 seconds. They can store 21 batteries, allowing for a higher number of swaps per day.

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With over 1300 Power Swap Stations in China, facilitating more than 20 million swaps, Nio has expanded to Hungary, Norway, the Netherlands and Germany, already completing over 12,000 swaps across those markets.

On top of their efficiency, these stations can contribute to grid balancing by charging during low-demand periods and supplying energy during peak times. This smart battery technology allows the power packs to become a form of efficient energy storage. 

The clear success of the battery swap model could change the EV charging landscape, giving drivers the option to sub in sustainably and fully charged power packs and get back on the road within minutes. Range anxiety is already a diminishing issue, but this is sure to turn the heads of even the most wary EV charging sceptics. 

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