Charge My Street joins Paua, the UK’s largest independent electric vehicle (EV) roaming network for businesses

Charge My Street have announced they have joined Paua, the UK’s largest electric vehicle (EV) roaming network. The integration onto the roaming network means those using an electric vehicle for business can now take advantage of Charge My Street’s network across England using their Paua card or App. 

Charge My Street, a community benefit society based in the North-West, join chargepoint operators such as Osprey, Fastned, Ionity, Connected Kerb,, and Mer. 

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Paua allows businesses using electric vehicles as part of their fleet to simply and easily pay for their charging. They can also obtain receipts and claim VAT refunds when using Charge My Street’s public charging network of 100-plus sockets across Lancashire, Cumbria and other parts of England. 

Daniel Heery, Charge My Street director, said: “We’re really excited to be part of Paua’s EV roaming network. The integration allows a seamless transition for those charging at their local chargepoints as well when visiting our chargepoints across England” 

“As Charge My Street continue to provide a solution for those without access to off-street parking, we need to make sure the experience is seamless, Paua offers this to users” 

Paua’s founders met whilst working in community energy, so recognise and support the value that a cooperative approach can bring to new energy ecosystems. Community bodies provide a sense of empowerment locally that create enhanced benefits in society beyond the cleaner air and climate change effects of driving electric vehicles. 

André Pinho, Paua CTO and co-founder, said: “As a current director of a community energy group and a long term advocate, I am delighted to see this business model being implemented for electric vehicle charging. 

“This partnership further cements Paua’s role in the EV ecosystem as a collaborative, technology-led charging solution for businesses”. 

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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