Celebrating World EV Day™ with Oxford City Council: Free EV charging and more…

  • On World EV Day™ (September 9), Oxfordshire offers free charging and special deals for electric vehicle (EV) owners.
  • Prominent charging companies like Fastned, Tesla, and Wenea provide free charging at Redbridge Park & Ride.
  • Local EV car clubs and a climate action website support EV adoption and sustainability in Oxfordshire.

Long-standing World EV Day™ supporters, Oxford City Council, involve the entire local area in their celebrations

World EV Day™ is coming tomorrow (September 9th), and Oxfordshire’s electric vehicle enthusiasts have reason to celebrate. 

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The annual campaign is dedicated to championing the progress in e-mobility and advocating the shift to electrified transportation. This year, Oxford City Council promise a wealth of offerings for EV owners and renters throughout the county.

Many electric vehicle charging point companies in Oxfordshire are rolling out special deals, including free charging for EV drivers. It’s an opportunity not to be missed.

“World EV Day, like many great ideas, was born out of an Oxford-based organisation, Green.TV Media. So, we’re delighted it’s now both a major global campaign, and an idea supported by Oxford City Council with its free EV charging for a day, in partnership with the local charge point operators.”

Ade Thomas, Oxford resident and Founder of World EV Day™

Redbridge Park & Ride

At Redbridge Park & Ride hosts Europe’s most powerful EV charging hub. The development was made possible by a previous edition of the upcoming EV SUMMIT.

Fastned, Tesla, and Wenea are extending complimentary charging to all EVs for the entire day. 

The site offers fast and ultra-rapid charging for up to 42 vehicles simultaneously. Do note that while electric vehicle charging is complimentary, standard parking charges still apply.

EZ Charge

EZ Charge, the operator behind Park & Charge sites scattered across Oxfordshire, sweetens the pot for its app members by granting the first hour of charging free of charge. 

Beyond that initial hour, the regular rates will come into play: 47p/kWh during daytime hours and a slightly reduced rate of 42p/kWh overnight.

RAW Charging

In the heart of Oxford, RAW Charging, responsible for on-street charging bollards, is offering free charging at multiple locations. That’ll make it incredibly convenient for residents to power up their EVs.

The locations are as follows:

  • Stockmore Road
  • Lake Street
  • Frenchay Road
  • Sandfield Road
  • Juxon Street
  • Stone Street
  • Wytham Street
  • Bedford Street
  • Vicarage Close
  • West St

Blink Charging

Blink Charging have a presence at Blackbird Leys Leisure Centre, Keble Road, Manzil Way, Old Greyfriars Street, and Headington Car Park. They’re joining the World EV Day™ festivities by contributing to charities dedicated to eradicating lung disease.

They’re also championing their own World EV Day™ pledge to encourage sustainable practices for businesses and individuals alike. Find out more about the Blink Pledge here. 

Co Wheels Car Club and wider car club pilots

Co Wheels Car Club is extending a warm welcome to new members with a special promotional code, “WORLDEVDAY.” Note: you’ll have to use this code today, before the event kicks off. 

The code unlocks £15 of free driving credit upon sign-up, waives the usual £25 joining fee, and eliminates the monthly fee, typically set at £5 per month, for the entire duration of the membership.

Additionally, for those considering joining the county-wide EV car club scheme, locations including Redbridge Park & Ride, EZ-Charge sites, and Co Wheels Car Club offer easy access. This innovative electric car-sharing pilot project results from a collaboration between Oxfordshire County Council, Oxford City Council, and various district councils.

To further aid residents in their electric vehicle journey, local authorities have crafted the Climate Action Oxfordshire website. This comprehensive resource not only provides valuable insights into EV adoption but also offers information on various climate solutions to tackle the pressing climate emergency.

With World EV Day™ just around the corner, Oxfordshire demonstrates its commitment to emobility and sustainable living. If you’re in the area, be sure to make the most of these fantastic local activations. 

“World EV Day is about celebrating and thanking those making the switch to go electric. With a growing second-hand and car-sharing market, more and more people are moving to electric and Oxfordshire is continuing to lead the uptake. If you are an EV driver, why not take advantage of one of the many offers, and if you’re curious about electric cars this is a great time to try one out by joining an EV car club.”

Councillor Louise Upton, Oxford City Council Cabinet Member for Planning and Healthier Communities

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