CATL hits EV battery breakthrough: The world’s first LPF battery with a 1,000 km range   

  • CATL unveils world’s first LFP EV battery with 1,000 km range.
  • Chinese EV maker plans to equip over 50 models with current-gen 700 km range batteries by year-end.
  • CATL considers establishing R&D centres in Hong Kong to enhance technological capabilities.

CATL unveils its technological breakthrough in the world’s first LPF EV battery with a 1,000 km range

CATL, a major electric vehicle (EV) battery manufacturer, reveals a new lithium iron phosphate (LFP) battery. On a full charge, the Shenxing Plus hits a driving range exceeding 1,000 kilometres (621 miles). 

LFP batteries offer environmental benefits over the traditional lithium-ion batteries commonly used in EVs. Four car models already use CATL’s current-generation Shenxing battery, with a range of 700 kilometres. The company plans to equip over 50 additional models with it by the end of the year.

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CATL’s financial performance has seen a positive turn, with profits rebounding in January-March after a previous decline. The decline was attributed to slowing demand and intensified competition. 

Recently, CATL unveiled a commercial vehicle battery with an impressive 15 year lifespan. These developments are paving the way for more affordable and sustainable electric vehicles across the board.

Looking ahead, CATL is considering establishing new research and development centres in Hong Kong. This move will bolster the company’s technological capabilities and potentially facilitate technology exports. CATL’s major achievement maintains its leading position in the rapidly evolving EV battery industry. 

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