CATL and Yutong unveil an electric commercial vehicle battery, set to change the game with unparalleled longevity 

  • CATL and Yutong team up for groundbreaking battery for electric commercial vehicles
  • Battery boasts 15-year lifespan, 1.5 million kilometres, and zero degradation in first 1,000 cycles
  • Partnership signals advancement in battery technology, promising reliability and longevity for electric transportation

CATL and Yutong deliver groundbreaking electric commercial vehicle battery with 15-year lifespan

CATL and Yutong have unleashed a game-changing battery for the commercial transportation market. This powerhouse partnership has birthed a battery boasting an astounding 15-year lifespan. It’s capable of enduring a staggering 1.5 million kilometres. Moreover, it offers zero degradation in the first 1,000 cycles, setting a new standard for durability in the industry.

With reliability and longevity as its hallmarks, this battery can meet the rigorous demands of commercial fleets. It promises uninterrupted performance over its extensive lifetime.

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This collaboration is the culmination of years of partnership, solidified by a decade-long agreement in 2022.

This strategic pact underscores their shared dedication to propelling electrified transportation into the future. CATL emerges as a pivotal player in supplying cutting-edge battery solutions to the market.

Yutong, the driving force behind emobility, is seizing the opportunity to localise battery production. It taps into CATL’s state-of-the-art facility in Hungary, slated to kick into high gear by the year’s end. By establishing a robust supply chain for battery modules in Europe, Yutong is laying the groundwork for its expansion endeavors across the continent.

While Yutong has already made waves with its electric light truck range in Mexico, its plans to penetrate the European market remain unclear. It sees Europe as a promising yet challenging terrain for electric trucks. With its buses already carving out a niche in the UK and Europe, Yutong is carefully weighing the feasibility of exporting electric trucks to the region.

The collaboration between CATL and Yutong signals a monumental leap forward in battery technology for commercial vehicles. It promises unparalleled performance, longevity, and reliability. As the electric vehicle landscape continues to evolve, innovations of this calibre are steering us toward a more sustainable future in transportation.

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