Canoo’s eco move strikes a postal groove with U.S. Postal Service green fleet upgrade

  • Canoo seals the deal with the U.S. Postal Service, securing the purchase of six cutting-edge battery-electric Canoo vehicles.
  • Canoo’s LDV 190 is on track for Q1 delivery, contributing to USPS’s $40 billion makeover.
  • Canoo’s patented tech promises a groundbreaking right-hand drive system with superior functionality, safety, and ergonomics.

Canoo seals the deal with USPS, unleashes cutting-edge fleet upgrade

Canoo, a California-based high-tech mobility company, announced yesterday that the U.S. Postal Service is adding six battery-electric Canoo vehicles to its fleet. The Postal Service will receive these right-hand drive LDV 190 models this quarter. It’s a subtle shift toward greener options for mail delivery.

It expressed its appreciation for being part of the potential suppliers involved in the U.S. Postal Service’s plans to electrify and modernise its delivery fleet, as revealed by the USPS on January 22, 2024. This aligns with the USPS’s substantial $40 billion investment strategy to enhance its processing, transportation, and delivery networks.

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Tony Aquila, Investor, Executive Chairman, and CEO of Canoo, said;

“The multi-purpose platform with steer-by-wire technology and a unique low-profile suspension system allows for a readily configurable right-hand drive system while maintaining desired roll and ride stability.” 

The LDV 190 is a two-seater long haul van with over 200 miles of range and a cargo volume of 172 cubic feet. It boasts a bird’s eye view camera for a 360-degree perspective, radar, and multiple cameras for blind spot monitoring.

This new partnership follows last year’s announcement that NASA would receive transport vehicles from Canoo. These vehicles were tasked with shuttling Artemis II astronauts from Kennedy Space Center to the launch pad for their lunar mission this year. These vehicles replace the iconic Astrovan from the Space Shuttle Era, designed to carry fully suited astronauts, flight support crews, and equipment.

As Canoo continues to redefine transportation, from green fleet upgrades to space exploration support, the road ahead is charged with electric potential and boundless possibilities.

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