Canada is reportedly set to announce an all-electric vehicle sales mandate for 2035

  • Canada set to drop the hammer: all new vehicles to be zero-emissions by 2035, no exceptions.
  • The federal government is set to introduce a new regulation called the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard.
  • Zero-emission vehicle goals: 20% by 2026, 60% by 2030, and full throttle to 100% by 2035. Manufacturers to score credits for early compliance and infrastructure investments.

Canada reportedly set to mandate all-electric vehicle sales by 2035, sources spill

The Canadian government is getting serious about reducing vehicle emissions, with upcoming regulations expected to require all new vehicles sold in the country to be zero-emission by 2035, according to news reports.

In the coming days, the federal government is set to unveil the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard – a regulation designed to gradually eliminate the sale of new combustion vehicles, as reported by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and the Toronto Star. The news, attributed to an unnamed senior government official, signals a significant move toward embracing electric vehicles.

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Under the upcoming regulations, dubbed the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard, zero-emission vehicles – including battery electric, hydrogen, and plug-in electric vehicles – will need to constitute 20% of all new car sales by 2026. This will escalate to 60% by 2030 and reach a full 100% by 2035. This phased approach underscores a concerted effort to transition towards a greener automotive landscape.

The government is also taking steps to ensure the availability of EVs in Canada amid worries about supply shortages, as these vehicles are often exported to other markets, according to the reports. Automakers will have the opportunity to earn credits by introducing more EVs to the market ahead of schedule and by investing in electric vehicle charging infrastructure, according to the reports.

Similar measures have been seen in other markets, such as the UK, which implemented an EV sales mandate, targeting 100% of new sales by 2035. Over a dozen U.S. states, including New York and California, have also adopted similar EV sales mandates.

Canada’s commitment to reducing vehicle emissions is taking a significant leap forward with the impending introduction of the Electric Vehicle Availability Standard. The commitment to increasing the share of zero-emission vehicles in new car sales, coupled with efforts to ensure their availability and incentivise automakers, aligns with global trends seen in countries like the UK and several U.S. states. This marks a pivotal moment as nations worldwide pivot towards a more sustainable and electric future.

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