California is proposing a huge zero-emission vehicle (ZEV) budget boost

Gaven Newson, the Governor of California, has announced a $3.2 billion package to encourage the sales and use of electric cars and vehicles. This news comes as part of the $100 billion California Roars Back economy recovery package for the Golden State.

Last year Newsom announced the ban of sales of petrol and diesel vehicles in 2035 and is committed to hitting the state’s zero-emission vehicle (ZEVs) goals. This latest package provides many of the tools for California to build towards this date.

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The $3.2 billion ZEV acceleration package for the next three years includes spending $1.4 billion to deploy over 1,000 zero-emission buses 1,000 zero-emission drayage style trucks and 1,000 zero-emission school buses for underserved rural school districts.

The package also includes spending $650 million for a one-time general fund that will help consumers convert to electric vehicles. Attention will be paid to disadvantaged and low incomes communities and will be carried out through the Clean Vehicle Rebate Project and Cars 4 All.

There will also be a $250 million general fund for manufacturing and supply chain grants to expand California’s ZEV manufacturing footprint. This will be managed by the Clean Transportation Program. This could be coupled with High Road Training Partnerships to increase access to jobs for workers and increase the level of skilled employees.

Finally, there’s a proposed one-time $5 million general fund to accelerate the implementation of the ZEV market development strategy to increase awareness and access to ZEVs in hard-to-reach communities, and help convert this awareness into the decision to drive or ride in ZEVs.

Gaven Newson, the Governor of California, said: “The Biden administration’s been talking a lot about this, they’re hoping to do something with the Senate, but we’re doing it. We’re not waiting around.”

If the California Roars Back budget is approved, this will be a huge recovery plan and not only help the State rebuild but rebuild in a clean and positive manner.

Ian Osborne
Ian Osborne
Editor-in-Chief at ElectricDrives

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